TSP Babe of the Year 2012: Kourtney Reppert, an Inside TSP Story

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Back in 2012 TalkSportsPhilly decided to start its Babe of the Year project and the very beginnings of Philly Babes.  As you can see Kourtney is a very beautiful woman from the Philly area and has a large following on social media among other numerous credits.  As I approached her about it and after she inquired and we talked.  KR (that’s what i call her) decided to accept and we began to work together setting it up.

Since it was the first TSP Babe of Year and playing with the Philly Babes idea, KR and I talked, tossed some ideas around and cross promoted, a win-win situation, what could go wrong?

Well, I put the page together with her approval and links connecting to different outlets you can find KR.  I was promoting on the Philly Babes page, fresh out of the starting gate at the time, and KR was helping to spread the word.

One morning I awoke and went to my computer, I am a professional, so it’s a part of my life.  I went to the Philly Babes page and received a rather disturbing message.

Click on Part 2 of this Exclusive Inside Story below…

Part 2 Link ……… Part 3 Link

It gets more interesting…

In the meantime, Check out KR’s page and KR’s Interview  she did with TalkSportsPhilly

Here are a few links to the national story on Huffington Post and Good Morning America on Internet Stalking, it was an  FBI case and I was glad I could help where I could and worried for KR…


Click to go to Part 2 of the story…


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