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Should The Eagles Re-Marry a Familiar Face?

October 10th, 2015 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Should The Eagles Re-Marry a Familiar Face? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL

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Would T.O fit well into Chip’s system?

When Philadelphia fans think of the name Terrell Owens, what immediately springs to mind?   For
most, its words like “diva”, “cancer”, and “selfish” among others.  There are a number of others though, that like to view “T.O” as the dynamic, play-making superstar that he was.  Terrell Owens spent the first eight years of his career, playing for the San Francisco 49ers, before making his way to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Owens really established himself among the league’s best receivers here in San Fran, but it was in Philly that he cemented that status.  

After acquiring him in March of ’04, Owens helped power the Eagles to a 13-1 record, before a freak tackle (arguably intentional) by Dallas safety Roy Williams, put Terrell out of action with a fractured fibula and high ankle sprain.  His season was thought to be over, as the recovery wa
s expected to be around 9-12 weeks.   Well, Owens made his triumphant return to the gridiron, seven weeks later to lead the Birds to battle in Super Bowl XXXIX.  Owens caught 9 balls for 122 yards during the loss, but he gained a ton of respect from Philly fans for playing through the injury.  

Things took a bad turn, during the 2005 offseason.  Owens took a slighted shot at QB Donovan McNabb for vomiting in the huddle, during the final drive of the Super Bowl, saying that “he wasn’t the one who got tired in the huddle.”    The situation was never resolved, and eventually saw Owens sign with the division rival Dallas Cowboys.  

But.  What if I was to tell you that Terrell Owens himself, would want to come back home to downloadPhiladelphia?   You’d think I’m nuts, right?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.  The 41-year-old Owens was quoted as saying “Absolutely, yes, No question, no question about that.” when asked if he could help this current Eagles team.   As crazy as it may sound, I agree with Owens on this.  I believe he would be a major boost to a weak receiving corps.  Before I start getting hate, hear me out.   In Chip Kelly’s first two seasons, the Eagles passing attack was ranked in the top 10 of the NFL.  This year, it sits in 25th.  


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