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Have The Eagles Really Escaped The “Reid Era”?

October 9th, 2015 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Have The Eagles Really Escaped The “Reid Era”? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL


Four weeks into the NFL season, and the Eagles are in a very unfamiliar position…..a losing position. Following a pair of heart-breaking losses to the Falcons and Cowboys, the Birds bounced back with a critical win over the New York Jets. Just when people thought that the team had turned a corner, they took a gut-wrenching loss against the Washington Redskins, dropping the team to an 0-2 divisional record. That loss also further dug the team in a hole, that’s becoming very difficult to climb out of. After four weeks of dreadful play on both sides of the ball, fans have been forced to ask this question…..have we really moved past the Andy Reid era?

We’re about two and a quarter seasons into the Chip Kelly era, and outside of one season, there has not been much special going on.  To date, Chip is 21-15, but has yet to score a playoff victory…..a victory that in the grand scheme of things, mean EVERYTHING to Philly fans.  If you’re not successful in the postseason, you’re not long for this city.  When comparing Chip Kelly to his predecessor Andy Reid, there hasn’t been much change in any way.   

When Chip Kelly made his NFL debut in the 2013 season, the Philadelphia crowd was excited. Kelly brought something new to the team…..he brought excitement, and unpredictability. Chip came to town, with a freshness that the city has lacked since Andy Reid took over in 1999. The Eagles surprised a lot of teams that season, soaring to a 10-6 record behind Kelly’s fast-paced, Oregon-style offense. They seemed destined for big things, until they were upset at home by the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round.

Following that year, Philadelphia had become Kellyville. “In Chip We Trust” became the city’s slogan.  The 2014 season couldn’t have started off better for Chip.  The Birds stormed off to an impressive 7-2 start, before suffering a mortifying decimation, at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  From there, they won two straight, including a Thanksgiving victory over the Cowboys.  But, things quickly went downhill, as the team finished 1-3, missing the playoffs and surrendering the division title to the Cowboys.

The 2014-15 off-season, saw Chip Kelly take over as Eagles General Manager (for all intents and kellyreid2purposes..).  From that point, the Eagles quickly saw a monumental overhaul, the likes of which have never been seen in such a short time period.  In a span of about a month and a half, the Eagles saw Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Trent Cole, Cary Williams, Todd Herremans, and others booking their flights out-of-town.  On the flip side, the team also saw the influx of Byron Maxwell, DeMarco Murray, Sam Bradford, Walter Thurmond, and a whole draft class full of rookies.


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