Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) at New York Jets (2-0); Game Preview

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Eagles vs Jets

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Oh man, we’re back on the grind again. Two weeks in, and two weeks the Eagles have been a disappointment. Nonetheless, here we are again on a Saturday afternoon, getting ready to cheer the Eagles to victory against the New York Jets. Contrary to public belief, we as
Philadelphia sports fans may bash our teams, but we’re always right there to bleed witdownload (1)h them til’ the end. This time is no different.

Chip Kelly’s Eagles have no identity. In the past, they’ve been known as either an offensive powder keg, or they’ve been considered a defensive juggernaut. This year, they’re nothing. It seems that only a mere two games into the season, Chip has lost the locker room. Players hear the criticism from the media, and the fact that Kelly has publicly stated that the players are the issue, thus far. That being said, it’s for obvious reasons that this is a must-win game. Since 1990, only three teams have begun the season 0-3, and went on to make the playoffs.

In twenty-four seasons, those are very minute odds. Very minute… So, without rambling on to much longer, let’s get right down to the reason why many of y’all are reading this article…..

Game Preview:

9-0 all-time against the Jets, in the regular season. If I must say anymore, this game is simply put, a must-win.  After back to back disappointing outings, the Birds enter MetLife Stadium with their backs against the wall.  They have everything to lose, and nothing to gain.  With one more loss before their first win, the Eagles season could be over before it even really starts.  While many consider this game to be yet, another disappointing outing, I truly believe that it could be just the remedy needed to spark this offensive powder keg.

The Jets are riding-high, having beaten the Cleveland Browns on opening Sunday, and then embarrassing the Indianapolis Colts on national television last Monday.  They’ve currently got the #1 scoring defense in football, allowing an average of 8.5 PPG over their first two contests.  With the returns of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, coupled with the drafting of Leonard Williams, the Jets defense was looked at as seemingly unbeatable.  Well, to this point, they have been just that.  No one could score on them, and they wouldn’t allow anyone to score on them.  If only the Jets had a semblance of an offense, they’d be dangerous. With Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, the Jets have a mediocre offense, with a few bright spots.

One of those bright spots, running back Chris Ivory, may not even take the field tomorrow afternoon.  That means, that the “Amish Rifle” will be relied heavily upon for production, with the former Denver duo of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker within his sights.  Well, at least Marshall will be.  There’s a good chance, that Decker doesn’t take the field tomorrow, further weakening their already mediocre offense. On the opposite side of the field, the Eagles offense is the complete opposite of the Jets.  A ultra-talented squad, that is under-performing like crazy.  Something will have to give at some point, and this game could be it.

Antonio Cromartie is still dealing with a knee injury, and Darrelle Revis is nursing a groin injury, that may ultimately cost him the game.  This could be the exact thing needed, to snap the Eagles offense out of their funk.  Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor must break loose in this game, to create chances.  But, the biggest X-Factor is DeMarco Murray.  Since Chip took over as head coach, the Eagles have failed to rush for 100+ yards n two-straight games, only two times.  After each time, the Birds have rushed averaged 141 yards rushing.  Couple that fact, with the Eagles unblemished regular season record against the Jets, and it’s easy to see that “history” is on the Eagles side.  Let’s just hope that the football gods don Midnight Green tomorrow.

Injury Report:

New York Jets:

Chris Owusu (Knee)- OUT
Trevor Reilly (Finger)- OUT
Darrin Walls (Hamstring)- OUT
Willie Colon (Knee)- IN
Darrelle Revis (Groin)- IN
Chris Ivory (Quadriceps)- IN
Eric Decker (Knee)- IN
Devin Smith (Ribs)- IN
Geno Smith (Jaw)- IN
Stephen Bowen (Knee)- IN
James Carpenter (Back)- IN
Breno Giacomini (Biceps)- IN
Jaiqwan Jarrett (Shoulder)- IN
Lorenzo Moulden (Concussion)- IN

Philadelphia Eagles:

Kiko Alonso (Knee)- OUT
Mychael Kendricks (Hamstring)- OUT
Cedric Thornton (Hand)- OUT
Taylor Hart (Shoulder)- OUT
DeMarco Murray (Hamstring)- OUT
Josh Huff (Hamstring)- OUT
Trey Burton (Shoulder)- IN
Chris Maragos (Hip)- IN
Fletcher Cox (Groin)- IN

Staff Predictions:

Ryan Waterman– Ugh, week after week these predictions get harder and harder to make.  It’s tough to continue being optimistic and expect a certain result, but you’re continuously proved wrong every week.  Well, on the most recent episode of Broad Street Breakdown, I made yet another bold prediction.  I am praying to the heavens that I am not once again made, to look like a fool.  So, here goes nothing….

Eagles 34, Jets 17

Chris Leomporra– Eagles 28 – Jets 27 in a miracle … There is definitely bias in this prediction

Joseph Anthony– Hate to go against the Birds, but 28-20 Jets. Hope I’m wrong, lol

Kyle Lutz-  27-10 Birds. Yeah, the Jets have Revis island and Marshall, but we have more than enough motivation to win, not to mention a better balanced team

Sam Shipley- The Eagles should lose this game. The Jets have looked really good through two weeks and the Eagles have looked like a team who will be picking in the top of the draft for 75% of the season so far. On paper everything says the Jets win this game.    They won’t.

The Eagles are going to not only win this game, but I believe this is the game where the Eagles turn around their season with a statement win. The team that we saw last Sunday against Dallas is not the Eagles team we thought we would see this year. They looked dreadful, lifeless, and almost like they gave up.

Their backs are against the wall, and this is do or die. The Eagles will come out swinging this week.
I think the running game finally gets going this week.

Chip needs to let his lineman blow people off the ball by running the ball right up the middle instead of the sweeps. The line needs confidence, they need to grow together, because against this Jets defense, they will need to play as one unit. The run game will open up the passing game, and Bradford will be able to finally take a shot or two down the field.

Someone outside of Matthews needs to step up, whether it is Ertz, Huff, or Agholor someone needs to make plays down the field and win some one-on-one matchups this week.

The defense will be tested with injuries this week to Alonso, Thornton, and Kendricks, but the Jets are far from an offensive juggernaut. The pass rush needs to improve and the secondary faces yet another elite receiver in Brandon Marshall. If there was ever a game for Byron Maxwell to earn his money, it is this one.

Chip Kelly has been criticized for not being able to beat good teams or win big games in his first two years here, it is time for that to change this week.

Eagles- 27, Jets- 17


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