Chip the Savior … or was it the Destroyer?

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I have a plan!

I have to say that the state of the Eagles is the worst I have seen it in my lifetime.  I don’t think most of us saw it coming.  But we were dazzled by the plethora of moves the Eagles made in the off-season in their efforts to dismantle a winning team in the name of Chip’s vision.  Well, it hasn’t paid off as of yet to say the least.

We traded away a core group of talented young players, namely, Foles, McCoy, Maclin.  We gutted out some veterans like Cole, Herremans and Mathis.  What did we get?  A mish-mash of players who have not gelled as a team cause they haven’t played enough together.


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My draw dropped when I heard the Eagles traded away Foles, a franchise QB and winning rookie QB about to start the prime of his career for a former injured and unproven Bradford.  My reservations were confirmed after watching what was arguably the worst game I ever saw a NFL franchise play.

The Eagles are 0-2 going into Jets territory against a 2-0 hot team and are going to need a miracle to win.  If they lose you can pretty much put a nail in the coffin for the season and chalk it up as another rebuilding year for a Philly team.

I am predicting Chip will need a security escort off the field if the team’s losing ways continue.  Lets hope it was just a bad start and not a sign that we blew up a winning team for a basement dweller in its place.

Peace Out, Keep your heads up Eagles Fans …. There is still time to right the ship, but time is running out!

A TSP Poll put out earlier this year showed most fans believed the Eagles were gonna have a stellar season….


TalkSportsPhilly Poll

Stay Tuned…

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