Back to Hockey 2015 Pre-Season Edition (Did somebody say free food?!)

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That’s right Flyers fans the orange and black are set to open the season in a little under a month, on October 8th, when they face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  However before I go on about the upcoming regular season, here are a few things you should know about the pre-season, which is only ten days away!

flyers time change

2015 Flyers pre-season schedule:

September 21st vs the Islanders (split squad)

September 22nd vs the Rangers

September 25th vs the Islanders (special promo night see below for details!)

September 28th at NYR

September 30th vs the Devils

October 2nd at Devils

Now that you are caught up on the schedule here is a bit of insight Flyers fans will love to hear. The Flyers game vs the Islanders on the 25th takes place the night before the Pope arrives to Philadelphia, due to many city street closures including that of the Schyulkill Expressway and the Ben Franklin Bridge which are set to close at 10pm that night, the Flyers have pushed the start of the game back to 6pm. Most importantly the organization is offering free hot dogs, pretzels, and soft drinks to all fans throughout the game and 50% off all merchandise, yes that even includes the team’s Reebok Fan Zone and 47’ Brand store. These are deals that are highly unlikely to be seen again for the remainder of the season. I highly recommend all die-hard Flyers fans take advantage of these excellent promotions! If you are not interested in spending a lot of money on a pre-season game, you can find great deals on the Flyers website and StubHub, as some tickets are as low as $10 and you may just find some lower level seats for quite the bargain as well.


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