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It’s that time of year again, kids … October is just around the corner!  The weather will get a little crisper, the leaves will start to change colors, and the Phillies will watch the World Series the same way that you and I will … while sitting in their living rooms.  The ’15 season was a rough one; you’ll notice that there are far fewer awards than in previous years.  It hasn’t been a complete disaster, though … here are your 2015 Amy Mac Award winners.

Biggest Pansy Move Ryne Sandberg, for his early and abrupt exit.

Most Bittersweet Goodbye Chase Utley, whom we sent to L.A. before both knees completely disintegrated.

Silver Lining to (Another) Lackluster Season Odubel Herrara, for being the most pleasant surprise we’ve seen in a long time.

Happiest Day of Summer:  Jonathan Papelbon, for cleaning out his locker and leaving Philadelphia.

Worst Showing of Loyalty:  Phillies fans, for making CBP look like a ghost town.

First of the Century:  Aaron Altherr, for the first inside-the-park grand slam in MLB since 1999.

Most Heartbreaking Day of the Summer … and of My Whole Life: Cole Hamels, for his trade to Texas.

Most Confusing Player Freddy Galvis, for hitting a solid 17% better when not taking PEDs.

Best Rookie Pitcher:  Aaron Nola, for being the only starter to record more wins than losses.

A Sight for Sore EyesKen Giles, for making us say, “Papelbon who?”

Favorite TV Broadcaster:  Matt Stairs, for providing the ever-entertaining Canadian Accent Drinking Game, and for not being Tom McCarthy.

Best Exit Cole Hamels, for leaving on a high note and throwing a beautiful no-hitter for his last game as a Phillie.

Proudest Moment:  Ava Kelly (my nine-year-old), for staring expressionless when Jayson Werth waved to her from point blank range.

Best Use of Time on the DL:  Caesar Hernandez, IF he uses it to learn how to not get picked off at first (I have faith in you, buddy … make it happen).

Best Executive Decision of the Summer … and of All the Days Since the Beginning of Time: Andy MacPhail, for firing Ruben Amaro, Jr.

As a bonus … as if I could ever ignore this …

Best Catfight: Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper, for their hillbilly dugout brawl that was broadcast for all of us to see. Your mothers must be very proud.

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