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Tim Tebow Time…But not in Philly

September 9th, 2015 by Leo | Comments Off on Tim Tebow Time…But not in Philly | Filed in Eagles, General, NFL, Sports


Well, we all enjoyed our Tim Tebow Time in Philly while he was here.  I would like to throw my 2 cents in on the topic since TSP didn’t jump on the Tebow media hype wagon. Personally, I would have taken Tebow as the third string QB for the Eagles and here is why:

First, he is a gritty competitor, he will play to win and could be a great emotional support in rallying a team…This can overcome any shortcomings in particular skills.

Second, he has experience starting and playoff experience, we are talking about a third string QB.

Third, he is a decent runner and can give the option of special play situations in which he would fit the bill, and would give the offense another option, even if it was on a rare occasion.

I do know Chip doesn’t like primadonna’s and Tebow would have brought a whole fan base with him and would have taken a lot of attention off the team, Chip wants to be in command and having a third string QB with that much media attention could be a detriment to Chip’s vision.


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