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How many games will the Eagles Win in 2015?

September 2nd, 2015 by Leo | Comments Off on How many games will the Eagles Win in 2015? | Filed in Eagles, Football, NFL, Polls

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With the Eagles Season about to start and a final pre-season game coming up, I think most Eagles fans are wondering what’s in store for the season.  Nobody can complain about the pre-season, the Eagles look fantastic and all cylinders are firing as the season gets set to begin.eaglescool3

The organization and Chip Kelly made a ton of changes to the team and released some big players, so only time will tell if Chip is a genius or a #@##@#.  Bradford is looking good and the offense seems like it will be unstoppable, but can the defense hold up?

So the question TalkSportsPhilly poses to the Eagles and Philly Sports Fans is:

What will be the Eagles record for 2015??


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