Will the Eagles land Marcus Mariota?

April 27th, 2015 by Sam Shipley | Filed under Eagles, Football, NFL.

We are sitting one day away from the NFL Draft, and the Marcus Mariota talk is more fluent and intriguing as ever. There have been countless trade rumors, including a recent rumor that would trade away two young defensive players.

However, while the Eagles have been at the center of the rumors, they are far from the only team in the mix to land the former Oregon quarterback. Over the last few weeks there is a consensus around the NFL that teams are starting to become more sold on Mariota, and that he may be able to be a good quarterback in any offense, not just Chip Kelly’s.

Teams like the Chargers, Browns, Jets, and Redskins are all teams that have been rumored to land Mariota either via trade or if we would be there at their selection. Not included in that list is the team who holds the second pick in the draft, the Tennessee Titans, who could very easily put all the months of speculation to bed for good by taking the quarterback all for themselves.

What makes Tennessee so intriguing at that spot is we know that they like Marcus Mariota, but the question is do they like him more than Zach Mettenberger? After being drafted in the sixth round last year Mettenberger started six games for the Titans, however, he failed to win a game and threw for 8 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and 1,412 passing yards.

Another way to look at that question is, does Tennessee feel like keeping Mettenberger while gaining multiple assets in a trade is more valuable than Mariota?

At this point the only selection that seems to be close to a sure thing in the draft is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. After that selection, anything is possible.

As I said before the Eagles are at the center of all the speculation regarding Mariota, so I ask you:

Will the Eagles land Marcus Mariota??

I am in the camp of “Yes”.

I believe that the Eagles starting quarterback next season will be Marcus Mariota. I just feel like this entire offseason isn’t complete until Mariota is wearing midnight green and practicing at NovaCare.

With that being said, I am certainly not willing to give up “anything” for Mariota. Personally, I am not on board with the latest rumor which sends Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Sam Bradford, and the 20th pick in exchange for the 2nd overall pick. Giving up one Kendricks or Cox is more reasonable, and I would prefer to move Kendricks over Cox.

I want Mariota in this offense for so many reasons, but the main reason is Chip Kelly would be able to unleash his entire playbook. The read-option would be much harder to defend, which would be much different from the last two seasons when teams would collapse on the running back and dare either Foles or Sanchez to run for the four yards before sliding or getting tackled.

Another reason I want Mariota is I believe he would help the Eagles goal line struggles. When you watch Seattle on the goal line, despite their horrific performance on the final drive of the Super Bowl, they are so hard to defend. First off they have a downhill running back in Marshawn Lynch who can punch it in, second the defense has to respect the possibility of a bootleg because of the athleticism of Russel Wilson, and finally they can also utilize play-action because of their strong running attack.

Compare that to the Eagles with Mariota, and I see similar similarities. DeMarco Murray is a physical running back who can certainly punch it in from the goal line, Marcus Mariota adds the threat of a bootleg and the defense can’t sell out on Murray because Mariota can burn them, and finally if the defense sells on a run, he is athletic enough to roll out and find a receiver or tight end in the back of the end zone.

Finally, the last reason I want Mariota is because of the belief that Chip Kelly has in him. Kelly is on record saying that he believes Mariota can win multiple Super Bowls in his career. If we have an opportunity to get a quarterback that has the skill set to bring multiple Super Bowls to Philadelphia, and add the fact that he knows this system better than anyone in the NFL, then for a good price you do what you have to do to bring that player to Philadelphia.


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