Four Teams Now Interested In Cole Hamels

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There is no secret the Phillies are in the midst of a very painful rebuilding process. No one is more aware of this situation than Phils ace, Cole Hamels. Headlining the trade rumor mill since the start of spring training, the Phillies front office now finds themselves scrambling to make a decision on “Kid Cole”, especially one that is in best interest for the future of the organization.

The Phillies inadvertently dug themselves into quite a deep hole, due to the poor decisions made by upper management the past few years. After winning the World Series in 2008, the team was all in on winning again and turned into heavy spenders.

At the time it seemed to make the most sense, however some moves and contract extensions were not in the best interest of the team’s long-term success and are now heavily suffering the ramifications for it. They pretty much have decimated their farm system and have been stuck with Ryan Howard’s abominable $125 million dollar contract since given the extension in 2010. The Phillies still owe him $60 million over the next two years and if they want to try and move him anywhere they would have to eat at least $40 million of it, with no guarantees of anything great in return.

Thanks to this and other moves (Hunter Pence trade comes to mind, amongst others), upper management has pretty much depleted the farm system in its entirety, making it incredibly difficult to turn the corner in the upcoming seasons.

As it stands the Phils are in desperate need to start replenishing the farm system, because there are no future Utley’s, Rollins’, Howard’s, nor anyone else who stands out in the outfield at the moment. This is where trading Cole Hamels comes into play. As a fan of his, I really don’t want to see Hamels in another uniform, I have enjoyed watching him develop and helping us win a World Series since day one. Realistically I understand that in order for this team to begin a new chapter, Hamels would be the only veteran with legitimate trade value as of now.

The problem is if and when Hamels goes, our starting rotation would not only become a shell of what it once was, but also be completely without an ace.

As of now the Cardinals, Dodgers, Padres, and Red Sox are all interested in a potential trade for Kid Cole. The Cardinals just lost their ace Adam Wainwright, for the season due to a torn achillies, the Dodgers lost both Brandon McCarthy, and Hyun-Jin Ryu to injuries, the Red Sox rotation is off to an abysmal start as they’ve combined for a 5.75 ERA, and heavy spending Padres are looking to add even more depth to their rotation.

I feel as though Hamels will most likely end up in either St. Louis or San Diego. Both teams have play-off potential, Hamels could find himself playing in his hometown of San Diego, and St. Louis is in desperate need of filling quite a void in Wainwright. The Phillies are going to have to ask for as much as they can for Cole, because he is the only player that can land us value in return.

Those are my thoughts on the current state of the Phillies and ace Cole Hamels. Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in our comments section, or with me directly on my Facebook page (Joseph Anthony) and Twitter (@joey_boosh)!

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