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Chris Christie Needs to Shut His Mouth

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by Amy McGinnis

Jon Stewart, in his eloquent wisdom, said it pretty well. “You lead a state, Christie, that’s half Giants fans, half Eagles fans, and you’re groping the owner of the Dallas Cowboys? Why don’t you just break a copy of Born to Run over the head of a Hurricane Sandy victim, you backstabbing piece of sh*t?”

Here’s the deal: if Christie’s Godforsaken choice of team fandom is what keeps you from voting for him in 2016, then perhaps you should reassess your criteria for a qualified presidential candidate. If you’re like me, though, the “I’d Sooner Elect a Jellyfish” ship sailed long ago. Recent events, though ethically questionable, are NOT the reason I’ll pass on the “Christie 4 Prez” bumper sticker. His political record speaks for itself; if you or someone you know lives in New Jersey, then you’re likely up to speed on his knack for mismanaging state government and throwing constituents’ well-being to the wind.

The recent display of vomit-inducing, same-sweater-wearing, Cowboy-loving, Eagles-fanbase-bashing garbage is not why I would never cast a vote for Chris Christie. That decision was cemented long before Christie (and his Marcus Vick wannabe brother, Todd) opened his grotesquely large and food-filled mouth about anything sports-related.


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Sixers to acquire guard Jared Cunningham from Clippers

January 8th, 2015 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Sixers to acquire guard Jared Cunningham from Clippers | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers are set to acquire guard Jared Cunningham from the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Along with Cunningham the Sixers will also receive cash from the Clippers, but there are no details on what the Clippers will be receiving back from the Sixers yet. Accoding to Wojnarowski, the Clippers were on the verge of waiving Cunningham until they found a deal to strike with the Sixers.

However, it seems as though the Sixers won’t be holding onto their new acquisition for long:

Wojnarowski also points out that the Clippers will not be receiving a player back in the deal from the Sixers.

More to come…


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