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We Should All Be Watching Temple and Villanova Basketball

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The 76ers haven’t been giving us much to celebrate lately, but if you’re looking to see some great basketball, Philadelphia has plenty.

The Ball Don’t Lie

Yesterday, Connecticut hosted Temple for both teams’ American Athletic Conference opener. The Owls pushed the reigning national champs into overtime, and thanks to some free throws, won 57-53.

Senior guard Jesse Morgan scored 17 points for the Owls, while junior guard Quenton DeCosey banked 11, including a couple of free throws in overtime that proved to be crucial. Soon after, though, DeCosey fouled UConn freshman Daniel Hamilton on a three-point attempt. Luckily for Fran Dunphy’s Owls squad, however, Hamilton missed all three foul shots. When asked after the game about the role that overtime free throws played, DeCosey stated, “I didn’t think I fouled him, but the ball don’t lie.”


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The Phillies’ Rebuilding Continues

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The rebuilding continues.

Veteran outfielder Marlon Byrd – whose signing last offseason, I will admit, I wouldn’t have made at the time – proved me very wrong with his 2014 season. Despite his having been part of an underachieving team, Byrd led the Phils with 25 homeruns. Additionally, his .264 average was responsible for 85 RBIs and 71 runs scored. Not too shabby for a man who’s older than I am, especially considering he increased his trade value and was able to provide the Phils with exactly what they really need: young talent.

Byrd, along with cash considerations, have been traded to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for 22-year-old RHP prospect Ben Lively. He was recently named the Reds’ minor league Player of the Year, and will likely work toward a starting position at the back of Philadelphia’s rotation.

As for the Phils’ outfield for 2015, there are options (although none seems very appealing to me). Grady Sizemore, Dominic Brown, Darin Ruf, and Rule 5 Draft selection Odubel Herrara are all available, but I wouldn’t mind trying Cody Asche in left field – if Maikel Franco and Not Jimmy Rollins can hold up their end of the infield.

While it’s nice to see that Ruben Amaro, Jr. has finally read the memo that the Phils need to rebuild, I have to say that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s not necessarily fun watching players leave Philadelphia, but for the sake of the team, I know it’s the right thing to happen. Does Amaro, though? History shows that he makes deals the way an old Italian grandmother might make a pot of linguini, and I’m a little tired of sitting and waiting to see what sticks to the wall. He’s made some prudent moves this offseason, for which I give him credit, but do not be mistaken: I wouldn’t trust that man to feed my cat. Let’s just hope that sensible trades continue so that the Phillies are able to actually rebuild and become contenders again.


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