2014 AmyMac Awards

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The sun has officially set on the Phils' 2014 season.

The sun has officially set on the Phils’ 2014 season.

Here in Philadelphia, we might not have postseason baseball to enjoy.  We don’t have a legendary Jeter-like career to celebrate, or even a relief pitcher with whom we’d love to dance (looking at you, Tom Wilhelmsen).  We do, however, have some memories.  Welcome to the 2014 AmyMac awards.


Most Honest About Stealing Money from the Phillies:  Mike Adams

Least Honest About Stealing Money from the Phillies:  Antonio Bastardo

Least Likely to Give a Crap: A.J. Burnett

Most Likely to Need a Ball Girl to Help Cut off a Runner: Ben Revere

Most Likely to Forget to Turn on His Mic: Jamie Moyer

Least Qualified to Speak to Media and Fans: Jonathan Papelbon

Biggest Failure of an Experiment: Phillippe Aumont

Sorest Back from Carrying Offense: Ben Revere

Best Job Proving Me and My Loud Mouth Wrong:  Marlon Byrd

Best Heart / Hustle / Crush for Roy Halladay: Chase Utley

(Should Be) Happiest to Still be Allowed to Wear a Jersey: Domonic Brown

Pinkest glove: Jerome Williams

Most in Need of Revisiting His PED Use: Freddy Galvis

Most in Need of the Bullpen’s Help to Start a Game for Him: Kyle Kendrick

Most Likely to Take Run Support into his Own Hands: Cole Hamels

Best Drinking Game: Any Time Matt Stairs Says “Oot” or “Aboot”

Needs to Stay in the O’Minors: Sean O’Sullivan

Least Appreciated for His 95 RBIs: Ryan Howard

Most in Need of a Swift Firing: Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Most Gracious Abdication to Jimmy Rollins: Mike Schmidt

Most Incomprehensible in an Interview: Carlos Ruiz

Most Generous Broadcaster: Matt Stairs

Biggest Baby Mama Drama: Domonic Brown

Best Series: Sweeping the Nationals, August 25-27

Best 2014 Baseball Highlight in Philadelphia: Taney Dragons


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