Jon Stewart Bashes Philly, Oh No You Didn’t … Did You?

May 23rd, 2014 by Leo | Filed under General, Phillies, TalkSportsPhilly.

Jon Stewart took some pop shots at Philly recently, although I love ya Jon, TalkSportsPhilly would gladly debate the subject with you on air about our great cities, I lived in NYC as well, so the challange is out….Hopefully us Philly boys won’t be Flushing you down the toilet, LOL … We can take it!!

Go to the 4:40 mark of the video to watch the segment about Philly…

YO…JS…U Ready??  Muhahahahaha 🙂




I think the facial expression says it all! ROFL


Just showing some Brotherly Love , lol

We can be on the show at your convenience Sir  🙂

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