So…now what Sixers?

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Last week, My father asked me if I wanted to go see my Sixers play the Sacramento Kings. That was the first that I’ve ever had to think very carefully about going to a basketball game. Why? Well…because I knew they weren’t going to win. I’m not one of those fans that goes to games for the atmosphere. I want my team to win. As I predicted, they lost that night.

As I am writing this article, the Sixers are currently on a 24 game losing streak. I honestly did not think I would ever see this happen (then again, I thought I’d never see the Raptors in playoff contention either). The funny thing about it is, they still DO NOT have the worst record in the league. That prestigious honor currently belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks (If the Sixers have lost 24 straight and STILL do not have the worst record, then exactly how bad have the Bucks been?). It seems like the coach, the players, and even management are running out of excuses for such terrible performances over the past 3 months, and every interview looks more painful than the last. They may look as though they are trying to get closer and closer to victory, but what some see as determination, many others see as deliberate losing. I believe in the latter.

Need any proof? Well…you shouldn’t. From the moment the NBA draft started last year it seems like Sam Hinkie has been making moves that point to a big flashy neon sign that says, “Rebuilding”, or, “NOT THIS YEAR”. I could go into specifics, but does it make the streak any more reasonable? I HATE tanking…in any sport. Though it is easier to say about sports in your own town, it still turns my stomach to witness (or for others, to hear about).

So what happens now? Do they continue to lose every game in hopes of gaining the best position to take the No.1 pick in the 2014 draft (25% chance and decreases per record). Or do they muster up some dignity and get out of this streak? I will say that there are many Sixers who are playing their hearts out (you know who they are) trying everything they can to get out of this slump. However, the team is undersized, under-talented, and CANNOT play defense.

One can only hope that either they break this streak before the season ends, or that all of this tanking will be worth it next year.

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