Answers to the Super Bowl Trivia

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Here are the answers to the Super Bowl Trivia  :-) . Hope you scored a  TOUCHDOWN by guessing correctly on all of them!

1) What NFL team has won the most Super Bowl games to date? 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

2) Which NFL franchise is the last Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl?

  • NY Giants beat the NE Patriots in 2007.

3) Which city has hosted the NFL Super Bowl more than any other city in the US?

  • Miami hosted 9 times.

4) What NFL teams have never played in the Super Bowl?

  • 4 teams have never played. Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans

5) What was the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history and to whom?

  • 49ers beat Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV, 55-10

6) What was the closest game in Super Bowl history?

  • Giants beat the Bills Super Bowl XXV, 20-19

7) Which MVP had his helmet stolen at the ’94 Super Bowl?

  • Dallas Cowboy’s Emmitt Smith

8) Which 2 teams played in the very 1st Super Bowl? When was the 1st Super Bowl?

  • Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs  in 1967 (Green Bay won)

9) What was the first team to win five Super Bowls?

  • San Francisco 49ers

10) Which team played in the most consecutive Super Bowls?

  • Buffalo Bills (1991,1992,1993,1994) 

11) Who was the 1st player to be awarded MVP 3 times?

  • Joe Montana (1982,1985,1990)

12) Which is the only team to win the Super Bowl after an undefeated and untied season?

  • Miami Dolphins

13) Which Super Bowl game featured a NFL team playing in its own stadium?

  • None

14) Which team played 4 Super Bowls, but has never led a Super Bowl for even a SINGLE SECOND?

  • Minnesota Vikings

15) Which NFL team holds the record for scoring the most touchdowns in a single NFL Super Bowl game?

  • San Francisco 49ers scored 8 touchdowns in Super Bowl XXIV against the Denver Broncos.

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