All I want for Christmas (The Philadelphia Sports Edition)

December 16th, 2013 by Jeremy Bonnette | Filed under General, Phillies, Sports.


It is December 16th, and while Christmas is near, one cannot help but think about the Philadelphia sports year. There were home runs, touchdowns, triple doubles, and hat tricks, front office management changes, and even a few surprising draft picks. The year has been busy, and while things are OK. One can only hope what Santa will bring us on Christmas day.

Greetings Saint Nick, Jeremy here. I was hoping you could squeeze some gifts in for me this year. I know it’s a lot and the notice is short. I would’ve delivered this myself, but with all the snowstorms, have you seen the airport? The letter is brief, and trust me it’s not fake. After all, I know you still have IPhones to make.

I will start with baseball, and I think some fans will agree, that our Phillies disappointed this year. It wasn’t very hard to see. It’s easy to look at the players, put your hands behind your head and boo, but hey the front office hasn’t been worthy of praise too. Perhaps a new GM would help us gain. This year Ruben Amaro has proven that we have more money, than brains. Were his decisions the right ones? Eventually, we shall see. But if not, he’s got to go, in fact, HIRE ME! (OK, maybe not the last part). But in any case, I think i’ve made my point clear. I want to woo, not boo, cheer, not jeer.

Let’s move onto basketball. You know, that game with King James? Not the Spaniard, the superstar. The Sixers beat him at his own game. But since then stockingeaglesthey’ve been terrible, and tickets have been cheap. At this point its hard to figure out which Sixers to keep. The pain will be long, and the win total will be low. But next off-season will be a big one filled with free agents D Wade, Dirk, and Carmelo. The draft is coming too, and while i’m not all that concerned, I think we need veteran leadership if our bad luck is going to turn. So please, bring us a free agent. One that will make us glance. It’s the city of brotherly love, but all we want…is a chance.

Next up is hockey, and while I doubt you’re a flyers fan (being so close to Canada and all), lets meet on a mutual ground. Besides, half of our team is Canadian. We have a talented young and talented bunch, and while that remains a fact. We’re a .500 team at best. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??? Other than new management, which is debatable at the core, we need some offensive luck. SCORE FLYERS!!!! SCORE!!!!! We’re 26th in goals, and while that clearly takes a toll. Our forwards need to put the puck in the net, Steve Mason CANNOT score from his own goal! For my flyers I don’t ask much, just some good offensive luck is all. If a trade needs to happen then make it for a sniper, please help make the right call. Missing the playoffs would be devastating. I’m sure Rudolph will agree. The Flyers are struggling, please Santa, do this…for me.

Now it’s football’s turnstockingflyers, and while I hate to sound needy, it’s hard to deny that the Eagles have been…well…greedy. (I spent half a day figuring out how to make that work. Bear with me lol). They are one the hottest teams in football, and while things have been great. I’m worried about our defense. It’s not exactly bend, but don’t break. The core is young, and young usually mean past. But I think we need veteran leadership like Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Dawkins, leaders of Eagles’ past. Leadership on defense is crucial for good defenses to become great. I’d like for the Eagles to win their first championship well before I turn 68. So while the team is doing well, and asking for more is a but much, this small favor would surely be clutch.

That is all I have, no need for anymore. I just want to see my teams make history and go down in Philadelphia lore. This year was kind of a bummer, but help us out for next year. I know you’re not a miracle worker, but cut us some slack. After all, Nick Foles and Domonic Brown are standing out, and Tampa Bay probably really wants Vinny Lecavlier back. I’m sorry about the snowballs, they weren’t very nice. But that was the baby boomer generation. I’m stockingsixersa millennial, with graciousness I implore (Sorry boomers, it wasn’t my fight lol). Look deep in your heart, and give us some holiday cheer. That is all I have for you, the cookies will be in the usual spot. I don’t know if you’re into the whole gluten-free thing but try them. They’ll be nice and hot.

Happy Holidays, from me to you. Send the elves my regards, workers need love too! 🙂

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