Philadelphia Flyers Appear To Be Gearing Up For A Trade

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The Flyers are off to their worst start in franchise history, not that any real fan needs to hear it. People have been talking about Philly’s abysmal 1-7-0 record on twitter and sports radio for days now.

If we take a look back at previous Flyers slumps and bad seasons, Philadelphia has always responded by making a some type of move. Whether it was a trade — or it cost a coach their job (like Laviolette’s) — the Flyers have always been notorious for being an impatient franchise and pushing the “panic” button a bit too fast.

General Manager Paul Holmgren has traded away picks like they were lollipops, and has had to rely on college kids and overseas talent to keep his job and validity in the organization. And don’t get me started on the bad “player for player” trades he’s made. All that being said, the Flyers can ill-afford to be patient this time around. They’ve already fired their coach. They’ve mixed up lines. Last season’s issues have leaked into this year’s problems. They have still only managed to win one game. The roster just simply isn’t good enough. They’ve relied too heavily on their young guns to produce, which isn’t happening. Other veteran players have been slumping and ailing. Injuries are already beginning to pile up.

It. Just. Isn’t. Working.

Unfortunately for Flyers fans, Paul Holmgren isn’t going anywhere. Not this season at least. He knows he is on the hot seat, but he’ll have time to turn the ship around with a trade or two. You can take this to the bank — the Flyers will make a trade. Paul Holmgren’s job relies on it at this point. The question is, will it be enough to turn this seemingly-doomed organization around? There’s only one way to find out, I suppose.

As much as you may loathe Holmgren or Snider (like myself), you have to give credit where it is due. They have always made moves to at least TRY and improve the club. And so Holmgren has picked up his handy-dandy cell phone once again and has been making calls. The rumors have already started swirling once again. Names like Thomas Vanek, the Sedin’s, Curtis Glencross, Dustin Byfuglien, among others have all been linked to the Flyers already. The wheels on a trade may already be in motion. The Flyers have the pieces to make a blockbuster trade — but will they finally make the BIG move, or the RIGHT move?

Thomas Vanek could be JUST what the doctor ordered for the Flyers, but I’ve been told numerous times by his agent that nothing was imminent with his client. That leads me to believe the return on Vanek must be too much for the Flyers to stomach.

If the Flyers really want to shake things up, however, they’ll have to trade away a player or two that you likely won’t be happy about. You have to trade talent to acquire it, especially when you don’t have the picks to do so. That’s the business. Guys like Wayne Simmonds, Andrej Meszaros, Jakub Voracek and Matt Read could all be on the block, regardless of how good you think they are. If you want a top 6 forward or a top pairing defenseman — which the Flyers need both of — be prepared to part with at least one or two of those guys.

Things are awfully quiet in Philadelphia right now. The same “quiet” that usually leads to a roster move or management change shortly after.

1-7-0 will not cut it for a team that is supposed to be challenging for a playoff spot, and as delusional and crazy as old man Ed Snider seems, he knows that if he wants his pockets to stay fat, he’s gotta do something to turn it around.


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