Ed Snider Doesn’t Give a Damn About You or the Flyers

October 22nd, 2013 by Mike Pantaleone | Filed under Flyers, General, Hockey.

In the midst of their worst start in franchise history, it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that nobody in the Flyers organization gives two squirts of piss. Half of the players are too busy enjoying the Pearl Jam concert tonight to be worried about facing their division rivals on Thursday.

From the makers of “We don’t need a fresh perspective” (Ed Snider) and the creator of “I like our team” (Paul Holmgren), I bring you the latest tidbit of news showing just how much management — or more specifically, Ed Snider — really cares about his club, and more importantly — YOU.


Think this is another made up story? I wish it was.


There’s your proof he wasn’t giving you bull.

Ed Snider’s “beloved” Flyers are 1-7-0, and he’s too busy blowing his wad all over Rome to care what you, the fans, think about it. But hey, at least he’s still wearing a Flyers shirt!

EDIT: Since this article was written, the twitter user who posted a picture of Ed Snider in Rome has deleted their tweets (which is why the tweets aren’t appearing in the article and the links won’t work). Apologies for anyone who didn’t get a chance to see.


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