Why the Blue Jays and Marlins Trade is bad for Baseball!

November 15th, 2012 by Chris Pierce | Filed under Baseball, General, Sports.

Is this good for Baseball??

Yesterday the Florida Marlins agreed to trade Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, John Buck and Emiio Bonifacio to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Yunel Escobar, Henderson Alvarez, Jeff Mathis, Jake Marisnick, Adeniy Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino and Anothny DeSClafani.
This is bad for the Phillies and bad for baseball.  In the days when you have billionaire owners coming into professional sports more and more of them are going to want to spend money to win championships.

The Phillies owners are a partnership which means that they only put in a certain amount of money each year and all have to agree to spend that money.  So the likely hood that the Phillies would ever make such a blockbuster deal is very unlikely. Any team that ends up with Mark Cuban as their owner will try to make trades like this and will tip the imbalance in baseball even more.  More and more sports are becoming a business and it is hurting the purity of the game.  Teams like the Astros, Indians, Twins Reds and even the Phillies with their current ownership structure would never have a chance to win a world series again.

Baseball owners in general should be outraged that this happened as well.  Jeffrey Loria just built a brand new stadium in Miami a city that struggles to draw fans to their games even with names like Reyes, Johnson and Buehrle, so there is no way they are going to fill more than 8,000 seats a game with a AAA team at best on the field.  The next team that is going to try to build a stadium is going to have that much harder of a time getting money from their state and city because of Loria and his stupidity.

I love all sports but baseball is my true love.  While I know that neither of my solutions is ever going to happen here is my proposed solution to rid the sport of people like Loria who are only in it to hold on to the team for a few years build a stadium and turn a profit by costing the city and its taxpayers millions of dollars.

My first solution would be for Commissioner Bud Selig to grow a pair and for the good of the game veto the trade. That would force Loria to pay his players and keep the team in tact and show all owners that something like this would never be allowed. My second option which the players union would never allow to happen is that I would start the contraction process.

I would start by getting rid of the Florida Marlins as a franchise and combine them with the Tampa Rays and leave the team in Miami.  The Rays are struggling to build a new stadium in Tampa and probably will have an even harder time getting one now.  I would take a look at teams like the Indians and Reds and combine them, get rid of teams like the Astros and Twins. Put teams in cities that are going to support them, you are never going to get support of teams in retirement areas like Florida or Arizona because of the fact that people living in those locations are going to continue to support the teams from their hometowns.

At least Selig and MLB should take control of the team from Loria and make sure that something like this never happens again.

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