What Will Stop The Bleeding

November 8th, 2012 by Craig C. | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

Now What??!!

Another game, another embrassment.  It’s not just that Eagles are losing football games, they are losing thier cool, their credibility, their respect, their fans. From only scoring 13 points against the worst defense in football, to someone on the staff leaking that The Eagles “are second guessing Castillo’s firing”,  to Michael Vick’s brother Marcus tweeting “please trade my brother”.  This team is in complete turmoil.

The blame is ranging from Jeffrey Lurie to Andy Reid to Michael Vick, to the overall coaching staff.  The Eagles were in a must win situation this past Monday night especially since all the other division teams had lost this past Sunday and they failed to capitalize.  Not only was the game ugly, the announcers are even starting to make fun of the team on the air.

Jeffrey Lurie needs to do something immediately. From letting Reid decide who to fire and who to start at qb and letting him just hold these horrible news conferences.  The whole coaching staff of the Eagles are not worthy of running a complete team, but no one can do worse now.  Maybe Marty Mornhinweg can improve on his 5-27 record.  If not, can a fan with any type of football experience please send an email to Lurie and apply?

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