The Next Coach Or The Next Quarterback?

November 26th, 2012 by Sam Shipley | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

Coach or Quarterback? What is more important?

As we all expect, Andy Reid and Michael Vick are most likely done with the Eagles after this dismal season. The Eagles are 3-7 going into tonight’s game against the Panthers, and could very well be 0-10 (two wins by 1 point, another very close game against the Giants). So I expect (hope) the Eagles clean house after this season is over with and go into rebuilding mode to bring a winner back to this city.

I was listening to the radio a couple of days ago and the guys were talking about what was more important, the next coach or the next quarterback? And the catch was that if you were this teams GM, you could only pick one. The question made me start to think about what was more important, and after going back and forth of both scenarios I decided that the next coach was more important. Don’t get me wrong a quarterback is very important, but he does not control the whole team.

A new coach will bring in his own scheme, he will bring change to the same old story that we watch every sunday, and he will bring in his own personnel. That is what this team needs because it is obvious that no matter who is at quarterback this team will not win a Superbowl, or even contend for one. Michael Vick is not a quarterback, Donovan McNabb gave us the best chance to win Superbowls and yet he couldn’t get it done under the similar staff that we have today. Nick Foles is a young rookie who needs to be developed which is why he should be this teams starter the rest of the season. If Foles can prove himself this season, we can bring in a coach who will fit his skill set and give him the best opportunity to excel. We need to see what the kid has, and if he has the potential to be a good starter every Sunday. If not then he needs to go back to the bench come next season.

A new coach will also bring a new brain to the draft, where the Eagles have really struggled to find talent since the Andy Reid era began. People forget that Andy Reid took over a team that already had drafted guys like Trotter and Dawk, and basically walked into Donovan McNabb. After that group had their run we began to get nervous because we didn’t have the guys to replace them, well that is because Andy Reid never drafted the guys to replace them. In the recent drafts this team has drafted very few players who are capable of starting in the NFL. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Lesean Mccoy are this teams best draft picks in recent years, and Shady is the only true “star” out of the three.

When Jim Johnson left, this defense went down hill and fast. He was a elite defensive coordinator, and we replaced him with a offensive line coach. I would truly love to find out what went through Andy’s head when that move was made, because that was by far the dumbest move I have ever seen. Castillo took a lot of heat for the wrong reasons, I mean can we really hate a guy who coached the offensive line and was moved to coach an entire defense? He was put in a unfair position, and now has no job because of it. Then we bring in Jim Washburn to coach the defensive line and he brings his “wide 9” scheme which exposes the linebackers and opens up holes for the running game. Now the last time I checked our linebackers aren’t exactly the best around, because outside of Demeco Ryans nobody plays with heart every play. I just don’t understand why we continue to run that scheme when we have been getting gashed since we put it in our system.

I won’t get mad at the Nnamdi signing because that is a signing that you make every time, but I do believe the reason he has struggled has been because of the defense being in shambles. That isn’t the whole reason, but that is a part of it. I do not however agree with the trading of Asante Samuel, I was a big Asante supporter because of his big play ability. He is better then both Nnamdi and DRC in my opinion, and was a momentum changer on defense by making big game changing plays. I know he can’t tackle, but has anyone on this defense?

I love Andy Reid, but it is time for things to change in Philly at the Head Coaching spot. There are a few guys that I would like to have take over which are Gruden, Cowher, Billick. Those are long shots, but at this point it is worth the risk that needs to be taken.

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