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Why The Sixers Are Struggling

November 6th, 2012 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Why The Sixers Are Struggling | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers, Sports

How should the Sixers change things up?

After opening up the 2012-13 season with a win over the Denver Nuggets, the Sixers have dropped their last two games against the Knicks to fall to 1-2 on the year. Now don’t get me wrong, the Knicks are a good team and have owned this series over the last few years (9-3) in the last 12 matchups, but the way the Sixers have lost is painful to watch.

The Sixers were known for their youth, ability to get out and run, play defense, and try to capitalize on turnovers. However, with nine new players on the roster from just a season ago the Sixers don’t resemble any of those besides their youth. Some will say that not having Andrew Bynum is hurting the team, and yes it is because Andrew is a elite player in this league and he would help the Sixers greatly down low on both offense and defense. The problem is the Sixers don’t need help down low right now, it is on the perimeter where they are getting hurt.

The last time I checked, just because you sign good three point shooters doesn’t mean that you give them the green light to just jack up a three whenever they please. We signed Nick Young, Jason Richardson, and Dorell Wright in the summer who are good perimeter players and can all knock down a three ball. However, we didn’t sign Reggie Miller and Ray Allen so shooting the three shouldn’t become the teams habit on fast-breaks.

Last season the Sixers shot 14.6 threes a game, which was about 21% of the teams offensive shots. This season, the Sixers are shooting just over 21 threes a game which is about 26% of the teams shots. Now some people may look at it as just 7 more threes a game, or just 5% more of the shots and say that it isn’t that big of a deal. You can make that argument, if you are knocking down the three pointers and if not well then you should just stick to running a NBA 2k13 team and shoot all the three pointers that you want because shooting threes and not being effective hurts the team on both sides of the ball.


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