Sunday will be the Beginning or the End

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A Critical Game!!

There are only 16 NFL regular season games, so every game is an important one, however no game in the history of Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia is more important than their match up on Sunday with the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. During the bye while Eagle fans did chores; talked to their wives and children while stewing  about what happened during the first half of the Eagles season Coach Reid laid the blame for the team’s 3-3 record on one guy, Juan Castillo.

While I agree that promoting an offensive line coach to defensive coordinator seems like a guy willing to stand out on a limb for a buddy, however  when the limb started to break Andy made sure that he was hanging onto the tree while is friend hit the ground. Michael Vick is still the starting quarterback; his boy Marty will still be calling too many passing plays while turning the best running back in the NFL into a glorified blocker  but it was the defense and more specificly the coordinator that shouldered the blame.

The game Sunday will show the world if Andy was right or wrong, the answer to that question will determine his own future.

The Falcons come into the Linc undefeated and rested, as they had their bye last week as well, however they have been begging to lose only to pull games out in the end, so it seems to reason that a desperate team at home should have the advantage against a team that is due for a loss. Vegas thinks so; all the analysts think the bird in Green and silver will win this match up, then why I am so scared of this game on Sunday?

I know I am frightened for the game because I am an Eagles fan and every Sunday makes me worry, however this game gives me more concern than most games because if the Eagles don’t win or if they start slow Hurricane Sandy will be the least of Philly’s worry next week. This game will either be the beginning of a run that will lead the Eagles into the playoffs and hopefully to a Super Bowl or it will be the end of the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia. One that has given us many highs but just as many lows. No one can deny that his 14 years have given us more fun and wins than any other coach in Eagles history but just as much frustration because with all of the talent this team has had over the years they didn’t achieve the  ultimate goal  of  winning a Super Bowl.

If the Eagles lose or even if the Birds start slowly 14 years of frustration will explode from the stadium like the Hurricane that will hit the shore next week. So what will Sunday bring? The beginning of something special or the end of the Andy Reid era?  My heart is telling me the beginning of something special but my head is telling me the Eagles will be looking for a new head coach and quarterback next season. What scares me the most is that my head will be right!

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  1. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Looks like the beginning of the end now