Reid’s Second Chances Belief system

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How many chances are left?

Reid’s Second Chances Belief System
It’s apparent that Andy Reid’s job is at stake as news from the top of the Eagles organization announced this fall that it’s not about favoritism, but how one can successfully do a job and the accomplishments that determine if one is worthy to remain as coach. With that thought in mind, it is obvious that the last two years have been specifically tough for this Eagles coach.

On a personal level, Reid had issues with his children concerning their drug use and misdemeanors. He decided to give him son a second chance in life by creating a position in the Eagles organization as a trainer. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond Reid’s control, Garrett, lost his life due to heroin. It is hard to imagine the pain Reid must be suffering as a parent. Is it affecting his work? One can only wonder, but the Eagles nation is sympathetic that Andy tried to help him, nonetheless.

On a work level, Reid has always been an advocate of second chances. However, second chances only pan out if positive changes come about. Quick assessments of what the years have accumulated have shown us that Reid has yet to deliver what the Eagles Nation expects, and that is a Super Bowl win. Do Eagles fans aspire that it will happen this year? There is always the belief, and then there is the harsh reality. In the last few years, there seems to be a common theme with Eagles fans, and that has been a love/hate relationship with the Eagles team.

What's next for Andy?

There is one second chance that Reid recently recognized that was beyond detrimental. This second chance was when he allowed Juan Castillo to take on the critical task of becoming the defensive coordinator. Andy felt strongly in his decision despite so much criticism and backlash. However, as push comes to shove, he found out that this was a decision that impacted the team negatively not just last year, but this year as well. The decision for the firing of Castillo was well received within the Eagles Nation this past week. It was great to see that Reid finally understood what everyone from fans to reporters saw. What we saw was that the biggest Achilles heel was the Eagles defensive coordinator. It has been quite apparent in the last few games of this season. The Eagles have put a lot effort into the game offensively such as rushing yards and making big plays, but yet were not able to win an actual game with a large part of it is due to the lack of defensive play, and secondly due to the quarterback himself.

Speaking of quarterbacks, the most publicized and still debatable risk that Reid has taken is giving a second chance to Michael Vick. He recognized that there was potential and that this was an opportunity to capitalize on. However, what is apparent as game day unfolds is that Vick needs to get coached on not just the basics, but needs to learn how to strategize properly instead of taking risks that put the team at fault. Running with the ball when he is unable to fire passes have not proven to be not advantageous.

Getting sacked or losing the ball provides greater failures and risk to the team, and leadership in a quarterback is so necessary in lifting up the spirit and morale of the team during play. There needs to be some positive momentum. Reid may have brought on Vick, but he needs to sit him down and focus on making sure that the quarterback cannot only deliver, but the teammates that surround him are able to understand the plays as well. Reid still has an opportunity to make this second chance count and make the Eagles fan a believer.

Bye Week is nearing its end, and statistically, the Eagles play better the rest of the season. Let’s hope that Reid and the other players were able to capitalize on that time- focusing on basics, watching film, and hopefully learning strategies & game plays that will allow them to show their fans what they are truly capable of, because right now, it’s their second chance to do so.

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