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The Lakers are "Locked and Loaded", but will they win a Title?

The NBA Preseason is about a week old now, and the start of the regular season is just two weeks away from today. This summer was one of the more active and shocking summers in recent history, arguably topping the summer of 2010 which saw the Miami Heat form their “Big 3”. Incase you have been under a rock since the Heat beat the Thunder in the NBA Finals, lets recap the summer moves.

The Lakers Make Bold Moves

The Lakers were the story of the summer as they became from a possible contender to a locked in title contender. The Lakers were a part of two big moves that made huge noise around the league, they first acquired Steve Nash from the Suns. Nash is a huge pickup for the Lakers because he bring his amazing ability of setting up players for easy looks, which is something the Lakers have not had in a long time. He is arguably the top passing player in the NBA, and having him playing along side Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwi…Wait before I finish that let me tell u the second move the Lakers made. The Lakers pulled off the biggest trade in recent history by acquiring the best big man in the game in Dwight Howard. It was a four-team blockbuster trade that sent Dwight to LA, Andrew Bynunm to Philly, and Andre Iguodala to Denver, with young pieces and picks headed back to Orlando. So like I was saying with Nash on the Lakers to set up those three players, it is going to be almost impossible to stop the Lakers.

The Nets Move To Brooklyn, Form Big Three

The Nets finally moved out of New Jersey and now will be playing their home games in the city of Brooklyn. It is a huge move for the Nets because now they will be sure to bring in a lot of money with that building being sure to sell out almost every night. But that isn’t just because of the move to Brooklyn. The Nets made headlines this summer by keeping star guard Deron Williams, and also keeping Gerald Wallace. That wasn’t all, as they also brought in a top tier shooting guard in Joe Johnson in a trade with the Atlanta Hawks. The Nets are now loaded and ready for a playoff push with a very strong core of players, and a very strong home court advantage with the team now playing in front of a full house in Brooklyn.

Sixers Aquire Bynum

The Philadelphia 76ers made big news this summer by making a lot of moves, but none were bigger than acquiring All Star Center Andrew Bynum from the Lakers in the Dwight Howard trade. The Sixers let go of Andre Iguodala, but now have acquired arguably the best post up player in the NBA which is something that this team hasn’t had in years. Bynum will help young guards Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner become better players, and by the end of the season the Sixers could even have their own little “Big 3”. The Sixers made a lot of moves like I said earlier, how many? Well coming into this season the Sixers have 8 new players on the roster. Those players include Nick Young, Jason Richardson, and Dorell Wright. These players will help spread the floor for Andrew Bynum to work in the post, but will also be deadly from the perimeter if they are left open which causes teams to pick their poison against the Sixers. It will take time for the Sixers to mesh, but when they do they will be fun to watch.

Notable Moves:

Ray Allen to Miami, Jason Terry to Boston, Linsanity heads to Houston.

Ok now lets get to the season preview.

Over Rated Team: New York Knicks

All I keep hearing about is how the Knicks are ready to make a run at a title and that this is their season. Yes, the Knicks have a good team which is led by Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. However, I don’t see the hype in this team as I believe that they have already reached their ceiling. They are the same team except that Raymond Felton is their Point Guard instead of Jeremy Lin. They will continue to struggle defensively, and they have health issues when it comes to Amare and Melo. I see the Knicks making the playoffs once again, but coming nowhere close to making a run for a championship.

Under Rated Team: Boston Celtics

I believe that everyone is writing the Celtics off as a title contender because of their age, and because of how competitive the Eastern Conference has become this past year. However, the Celtics really didn’t get worse from last season, in my opinion they became a better basketball team. They lost Ray Allen to the Miami Heat, but replaced him with Jason Terry. The Celtics also had two first round draft picks where they added much needed size to the team by drafting Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. Sullinger and Melo could really become good players, especially with Kevin Garnett mentoring them this season. Sullinger will thrive in this Boston offense because of the pick and roll style of play that Rajon Rondo loves to play, mainly because of his ability to score the basketball from about anywhere on the floor. The Celtics have added more depth, and I believe that Jason Terry gives the Celtics more then Ray Allen did due to his ability to create his own shot very effectively. I think that the Celtics will be very good this season, and if they click at the right time I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the NBA Finals somehow.

Most Improved Team: Brooklyn Nets

This one is kind of obvious, when you go from a cellar team in the Eastern Conference to keeping the core players and adding a top shooting guard in Joe Johnson you jump up the ranks a little bit in my eyes. The Nets will run a starting five of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Brook Lopez. That is a very solid starting five and they also have a solid bench to go along with that. I don’t know if the Nets are ready to be a true contender, but their is no reason why this team should not be in the playoffs this year and be a tough out when they get there.

Division Winners:

Atlantic: Boston Celtics

Central: Chicago Bulls

Southeast: Miami Heat

Northwest: Oklahoma City Thunder

Pacific: Los Angeles Lakers

Southwest: San Antonio Spurs


Playoff Seeding:


(1) Heat vs (8) Bucks

(2) Bulls vs (7) Knicks

(3) Celtics vs (6) Nets

(4) Pacers vs (5) Sixers


(1) Lakers vs (8) Timberwolves

(2) Thunder vs (7) Dallas

(3) Spurs vs (6) Grizzlies

(4) Clippers vs (5) Nuggets

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have literally loaded up for war this summer and I just can’t see how they will not win a NBA Title this season. I know that you don’t win by looking at names on paper, but they just have two much talent for anyone to stop in a 7 game series. I do believe that they will play the Miami Heat, but I don’t think that even the Heat have the depth to match the Lakers. Chris Bosh is no match for Dwight Howard, so it is pick your poison between Dwight and Gasol, and Kobe Bryant is still a top 3 scorer in this league and now playing along side Steve Nash I think that he could have his most efficient season of his career. The other move that nobody is talking about is Antawn Jamison, as he is now the sixth man for this team. He averaged 17 points and 6 rebounds last season, so even if teams decide to put their best two perimieter defenders on Nash and Kobe, Metta World Peace and Jamison are no slouch and will become key secondary scorers for the Lakers. Their is just to much firepower their and that is why I can’t see this team not winning a title and seeing Kobe Bryant finally match Michael Jordan with 6 rings.

Individual Awards:

MVP: Lebron James

Rookie of the Year: Bradley Beal

Defensive Player Of The Year: Dwight Howard

Coach Of The Year: Mike Brown

Scoring Champion: Kevin Durant

Most Improved: Evan Turner

Sixth Man Of The Year: James Harden


Well that is my predictions for this upcoming NBA Season, let me know what you think and if you have any predictions of your own at my twitter page @samshipley5.

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