Nationals End Their Season

October 13th, 2012 by AmyMac | Filed under Baseball, General, Phillies.

C'mon, Jayson! Where's your Natitiude???

By Amy McGinnis

I probably took far too much joy in typing that title.  There are several reasons that I hate the Nationals, the biggest of which is Jayson Werth.  I didn’t like him as a Phillie, and I don’t like him as a National.  It wasn’t easy for me to cheer for St. Louis, but I did it … and you can imagine my excitement to see the Cardinals come back to beat Washington in Game 5 of the NLDS.

I’m sure Jayson Werth will find a way to badmouth Philadelphia fans for this, and not take responsibility for those words when asked about them weeks later.

Chin up, Werth.  You’ll be watching the rest of the playoffs from your couch, just like the rest of us … and you’ll get paid about a gazillion dollars to do it.  Maybe now that you have extra time on your hands, you can see about getting that long overdue haircut.  You could always call your old buddy Raúl Iba – oh, my bad.  He’s busy.  Looks like Hunter Pence is, too …  at least the former Phillies right fielder who advanced to the NLCS is the likeable one.

Looks like you’ll have time to hang out with Douchebag, Jr., though.  Do me a solid and let Harper know that I hope Cole goes for his clavicle next season.  Let this be a lesson to both of you: when you get too big for your britches, people enjoy laughing at you when you fail.

See ya in April, fellas.

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