Howard’s Slam is Salt in the Mets’ Wound

September 21st, 2012 by AmyMac | Filed under Baseball, General, Phillies.

Daddy's home ...!

By Amy McGinnis

It was like déjà vu all over again.  Remember when Ryan Howard hit a grand slam against Mets’ pitcher Chris Young on August 28 of this year?  He did it again, but this time, it was at Citi Field.  Howie is like the wealthiest, most enormous designated driver there ever was … he makes sure everybody gets home safely.

If you look at Howard’s 2012 stats, he has 53 RBIs.  Keep in mind that he has only played 64 games … skip this part if numbers make your head hurt … so, of this season’s 150 games thus far, Howard has played in 43% of them.  Considering that proportion, and if he were consistent throughout the entire season, Howard would have 126 RBIs, 150 games into the season.  Not too shabby for a dude my age.  Well done, Howard.

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2 Responses to “Howard’s Slam is Salt in the Mets’ Wound”

  1. AmyMac says:

    I will throw a party the day Charlie gets replaced. I think we can all agree that his in-game decision making is complete crap.

  2. Mike C says:

    It’s sad that on a “blowout” night Charlie couldn’t find a reason to give Darrin Ruf some playing time. That’s gotta hurt the kid’s confidence.

    Maybe it’s time to let Sandberg take over the club and let Charlie become a “special assistant to the General Manager.”