Brain Dawkins: One Player Every Eagles Fan Loves

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Eagles HOF

If you bring up Donavan McNabb, some people will say he was the greatest Eagles quarterback  in team history (Stats will back up that claim), while others will talk about how he never won the big one or how most of his passes ended up at Todd Pinkston’s ankles. Even though our memories tend to only remember only the good things in people, the same could be said for Ron Jaworski or Randall Cunningham, however no one will ever say a bad word about the man who will be honored at the Linc on Sunday;   who should be a first ballot Hall of  Famer, Brain Dawkins.

Flying High

Dawkins was named to the Pro-Bowl ( when it actually meant something) nine times; he had 1,311 tackles; 26 sacks and 37 interceptions but numbers don’t begin to tell the story of the man, who was an instant fan favorite from the time he was drafted by Ray Rhodes out of Clemson. We ask our football players to have heart and leave it all on the field in every game and to show that they care just as much as we do, Dawkins did all of that and more.

Usually half time at the linc is a time to get in line for the bathroom or to get one last beer but not Sunday, because when they honor BDawk. I want to see it and have the countless memories come rushing back into my head, like the first time I met him during the last game of his rookie year at Fed Ex Field. It was his last game and the first year at Fed Ex for the Redskins, the Eagles lost and we were stuck in the parking lot after a horrible season( anyone who has been to FedEx will attest that it is impossible to get out of that dump, it was even worst the first year) he was stuck in the lot with us and just started to talk to us about how this team will get better.

He was a rookie back then, so I wasn’t even sure he would be around if the Eagles ever became a good team.  Dawkins had countless crushing hits on Giants and Cowboy receivers who dared to come across the middle; the interception that led to the David Akers field goal in the famous 4th and 26 game, however my favorite Dawkins memory is from the NFC Championship game ( the one the Eagles finally won) when he went up on stage and grabbed the trophy and microphone from Terry Bradshaw and said something, Bradshaw said” I don’t know what you just said but 70,000 people agree with you” and then he went around the field with the trophy and it felt like you were on the field with him. No one could bring out the passion from Eagles fans like #20.

I have been an Eagles fan since Franklin Field and have been a season ticket holder since the Vet, so I have seen some great players wearing green like Reggie White, Wilbert Montgomery and Brian Westbrook to name a few,  however no one was or will be loved more than BDawk, the place will be rocking on Sunday night, lets just hope our new group of stars can do their part and win the game, Dawkins would not want it any other way.

I think the Eagles win 27-14

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