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Phils Win in Extra Innings

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A+ for effort, Chipper.

By Amy McGinnis

Last night at Turner Field, Roy Halladay and Mike Minor were the starting pitchers for what turned out to be an exciting game.  Here are some things I enjoyed on Friday …

It was a hot and humid night in Atlanta; Doc was sweating like a whore in church and it seemed as if he was spoon-feeding his sinker to batters.  I hate to say it, but I’m glad Halladay was as pissed off as he was.  It’s rare that we see him show any emotion, since he’s always so focused, and the anger he displayed showed that he cares.  When Charlie pulled him from the mound to allow Jeremy Horst to take over, Doc stormed through the dugout and kept walking.

Jimmy Rollins was back in the lineup after having apologized to Manuel for his lack of hustle.  I respect when a player takes responsibility for his actions, and Jimmy initiated the meeting, which shows some humility.  I also respect when a player hustles his ass no matter what, though, so we’ll see if Rollins flips that switch.


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