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Thinking Out Loud: Third Base

August 5th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Thinking Out Loud: Third Base | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

One of the biggest concerns going into the 2013 season is what can the Phillies do to improve the situation at third base. While Placido Polanco does have an option for the 2013 season, it is all but a formality that the option does not get picked up. The free agent market for third baseman isn’t a deep one this year, which would drive up the cost on any third baseman available via trade.

Now I have no doubt that I have better chance becoming President before this actually happens, but should the Phillies approach Jimmy Rollins about shifting to the third base? An average Rollins year isn’t exactly what a prototypical third baseman is supposed to produce, but outside of Rollins’ above average defense, what about Rollins’ career has been prototypical? If Rollins can transition to third and allow Freddy Galvis to take over at short stop, that frees up a significant amount of money to improve the outfield and the bullpen.

According to Cot’s, the Phillies have just over $133 M committed to nine players in 2013. Antonio Bastardo and Nate Schierholtz are both arbitration eligible, but players such as Domonic Brown, John Mayberry Jr, Michael Stutes, Jake Diekman, Freddy Galvis, Josh Lindblom, and Justin De Fratus should all be on the major league roster at the major league minimum. Assuming the Phillies do not trade Cliff Lee this offseason, the Phillies will be looking at two opening in the rotation. Kyle Kendrick should not be an option, but Tyler Cloyd and possibly Trevor May should be. This should be the last stint for Brian Schneider as the Phillies back up catcher. Could we see the emergence of Sebastian Valle? Or how about Phillipe Aumont? Tyson Gillies? Jiwan James?

It’s about time the Phillies put up or shut in regards to the talent they have in the minor leagues. If they feel that the players aren’t ready and they need to buy pricey veterans? Moving Rollins to third would make life a little easier on the Phillies wallet, but only J-Roll knows if that is a possibility.

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