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Victorino to Dodgers, Pence to Giants

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Aloha and Mahalo, Shane.

By Amy McGinnis

With another Trade Deadline  in the books, there are mixed reactions among Phillies fans.  I had already come to terms with the idea that we would be sellers at the end of July, so I think that today, I fell into the “Let’s do what’s best for the team to move forward” category.  I had more than a few friends in the “I need someone to talk me off the ledge” group, and I understand that mentality, too.  Four weeks or so ago, I was depressed about what I saw coming, and I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone.  By now, though, I think I’ve accepted that 2008 was the year of World F*cking Champions, and 2012 is the year that we retool.  I’m trying to be optimistic (the fact that Cole is still here helps in that department; I won’t lie).  So, here we are, at the end of July, and as they say … the show must go on.

As I type this, it’s the bottom of the ninth inning in Washington, and the Phils are giving us all a little “never say die” lesson.  Though this season has been a nightmare, Philadelphia knows what it means to fight back.  A prime example is the fourth inning of this game.  We’ve all known that Cliff Lee can hit; stealing second wasn’t something I saw coming.  A nod to Victorino, maybe? Rollins saw the stolen base and it’s as if he decided that it would be an outstanding time for an in-the-park home-run.  The fourth inning of tonight’s game is what I love about this team.  If you were expecting a white flag, then you came to the wrong place.

It’s sad to see Shane Victorino leave.  It’s the right thing for the team at this point, and it’s necessary; my daughter Ella is still heartbroken.  We wish him the best of luck in Los Angeles, we’ll always receive him well at CBP, and we’ll never forget what he put into this team and the city of Philadelphia.  Mahalo, Shane.  In exchange for Victorino, the Phillies now have righty reliever Josh Lindblom, AA righty reliever Ethan Martin, and a PTBNL or cash.  For those who maybe don’t agree that Vic should have been sent to the Dodgers, it’s hard to argue with the fact that our bullpen needed help.  It’s a pretty fair trade.


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TSP Poll: What country will win the most Gold Medals?

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2012 Olympic Medals

The Olympics is off and running and with about 2 weeks remaining til the end, China is in the lead with the USA in second.  I have always found this statistic interesting to track so I thought I would throw it out to the TSP’ers to see what you think!!

What country do you think will win the most Gold Medals in the Summer Olympics 2012??


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