Sixers Extend Lavoy Allen, Holiday Seeking Extension

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Lavoy staying in Philly

Last night the Sixers extended Lavoy Allen’s contract to keep him with the Sixers for at least two more seasons. Allen signed a 2 year deal that will pay him $6 million total, which is a very good deal for him and the Sixers. Allen showed that he is a key player on this Sixers roster in the postseason. He was arguably the only player in the postseason that gave Kevin Garnett fits because of Allens defense. Garnett had trouble getting his shot against Allen because of Lavoys strength, Garnett was not able to get into the paint as much. Allen averaged 6 points and 5 rebounds in just 19 minutes per game in the playoffs, and was very efficient doing so by shooting 56% from the field. Lavoy could potentially be a starter at some point this season, and many executives are high on him because of his defense. So am I.

Jrue Holiday on the other hand is still looking for a contract extension as his rookie deal is coming to an end. Holiday is seeking the max according to sources. Holiday is highly liked around the league, and is said to be one of the next top point guards in this league at some point. Holiday brings great size, good shooting ability, energy, and great on ball defense to the Sixers. He also is a above average passer, which the Sixers really need. His assists totals didn’t show it last year, because Holiday really didn’t play the Point Guard spot traditionally last season. Doug told Jrue that he wants him to shoot the ball more, and because of that Holiday was the guy who would come around screens or play a little bit of iso ball. Another reason is Lou Williams handled the ball quite a bit last year when he was in the game, so Holiday was playing off the ball much like he did in UCLA. However, I can’t say I am ready to give Holiday that big of a contract. I am all for a contract in maybe the 10-12 million a year range, something like 4 years-50 million. The Sixers want Holiday to be the Point Guard of the future, and want to pair him with Turner for years to come and I love that duo for the next 10 seasons. So if they want to keep that young duo, give Holiday something that will please him but won’t kill the future spending.

Holiday was also named to the U.S.A. Select Team today, he will train against the Olympic Team next week in Las Vegas. That will be a great experience for Holiday, he will be around the best in the world and learn from them. I am curious to hear how Jrue does against guys like CP3 and Deron Williams on a daily basis.


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