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Orlando Saying Goodbye To Dwight?

Magic Have Decided That They Want To Trade Dwight Howard:

In the past week reports have come out that Dwight Howard “desperately” wants to be traded from the Magic. Well it seems that the feelings between Dwight and the Magic Owner Rich DeVos are mutual, the Magic will try to trade Dwight Howard. This also comes after the firing of Stan Van Gundy and the buyout of GM Otis Smith. It turns out that those moves weren’t made to keep Howard, but rather to “clean house”. The Magic will start to look at the trade market and take calls for Howard after next week’s NBA Draft Lottery. Dwight would like to go out west, his preference would be to go to the Clippers or Lakers.

Deron Williams Free Agency Order Preference Is Nets, Lakers, Mavericks:

Deron Williams has spoken about where he would like to play next season, and his choices really aren’t surprising. He has said that he would like to stay in Brooklyn, but for him to do so he would like to see the roster improved. The Nets already have acquired another scorer in Gerald Wallace at the trade deadline, but after those two players the only other player who is worth mentioning is Brook Lopez (who is very injury prone). His next choice of destination would be to go to the Lakers, but that would have to come via sign-and-trade. That is where it gets interesting because the Nets have already made it clear that they are not interested in a Pau Gasol for Deron Williams swap. His third choice is to join his hometown of Dallas, where the Mavericks have been cutting cap space all year to become big players this summer. They already have a superstar in Dirk Nowitzki, and they will try to lure in Deron Williams plus one more good player to ensure they will be title contenders again.

Lamar Odom Interested In Joining The Knicks:

Lamar Odom would be very interested in joining the Knicks this summer, according to multiple sources. Odom wants to go somewhere where he is comfortable, and New York is certainly somewhere he can be comfortable. Odom has also expressed interest in re-joining the Lakers as well.

“No Question” That The Sixers Will Be Looking To Trade Andre Iguodala This Summer:

Despite Andre Iguodala leading the Sixers to a Game 7 in the Eastern Semifinals for the first time since 2001, his name is still out there in the trade market. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, there is “no question” that the Sixers will look to trade Andre Iguodala this summer. The one player that would make the most sense, and the player who was mentioned last year, is Pau Gasol from the Lakers. Their contracts are similar and both players would benefit there new teams. Andre would be a great defender and be the athletic player the Lakers are lacking, and Gasol would finally give the Sixers a top big man.
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