Here We Go Again

May 30th, 2012 by Mike H. | Filed under Baseball, General, Phillies.

Not again!!

Today the Phillies announced that Doc’s “cranky” shoulder was actually a strained right latissimus dorsi aka lower back. So which is it? Does Doc have a shoulder problem or a back problem? The right lat will sideline the Doc for 6-8 weeks. What happens if the lat is better, but the shoulder is still cranky?

Why does it always seem like the Phillies are ALWAYS trying to hide medical information? We also got updates today on Chase Utley and Ryan Howard from Phillies Assistant General Manager Scott Proefrock. As far as Chase is concerned, it was laid out simply, “”When [Utley] tells us he’s ready to go on a rehab assignment, that’s when he’s going to go.”



Chase can go whenever he feels he’s ready? Okay, how close is he to being in the ready? “He’s been making progress and he’s heading in the right direction.” What does that even mean? We are already one third of the way thru the season and Utley has yet to log one plate appearance of any kind, but hey, if the Phillies say he’ll play this season that has to count for something. Right?

As far as Howard is concerned, I’m actually a little scared going forward. The Phillies continue to state that Ryan Howard is going to be fine and that he just needs to continue to strengthen the calf. Today, however, Proefrock drops a bomb and states that Howard’s calf is atrophied. While I want to believe it was caused by being dormant in the offseason, what percentage chance is it that the nerves in and around the calf have failed? Nerve loss is irreversible, but hey, the Phillies say he is going to play sometime this season.

Finally, Vance Worley is pitching off a mound but is “rusty”. He threw a 30 pitch bullpen on Tuesday and said that he was pain free. The Phillies plan on testing Worley again on Friday and will hopefully be ready to go Monday against the Doders. Worley stated that the rust has caused his ball to be flat due to the improper angle. Hopefully the arm angle will be resolved before getting hammered by a Dodger’s lineup that may feature Matt Kemp.

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5 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. mikejack20 says:

    Tight latissimus dorsi has been shown to be one cause of chronic shoulder pain and chronic back pain.

    yep, halladay lied when he said his shoulder was bothering him to cover for his back injury…which causes shoulder pain.

    • Mike H. says:

      Who said Doc lied about his injury?

      • mikejack20 says:

        so the phillies lied then?

        “So which is it? Does Doc have a shoulder problem or a back problem?”

        • Mike H. says:

          “Why does it always seem like the Phillies are ALWAYS trying to hide medical information?”

          Next paragraph.

          • mikejack20 says:

            what are they hiding? lat strains cause shoulder pain. i dont get it.

            you think they are hiding an iniury? i know you are on the anti-ruben kick and all, but really? lat strains cause shoulder pain.