The Feud Continues: Johnny G vs. Mikey Miss

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Somehow this story is still going. It seems as if Missanelli can not leave me alone at this point, and quite frankly, it is getting a bit disturbing. With each passing e-mail, I think this thing is over, only to be surprised by another ignorant, egotistic, and disgusting rant from Mr. Missanelli that shows more and more desperation. In each one, as you guys have seen, he touts his 25 years in “the business”. Certainly after that many years, you’d know how to deal with critics, right? Especially when those critics haven proven that you are incorrect. With all of the incorrect information and false “inside info” that Missanelli crams into his articles on, one has to wonder if he isn’t in the wrong field of writing; Writing fictional novels would seem to be Mikey Miss’ forte. Here’s the next round with the king of Philly radio:

The best spot in South Philly for Hoagies and Italian Specialties! Right next to Chickie's and Pete's

Missanelli tried to get crafty on me, when he put at the bottom of his e-mail in maniacal capital letters, THIS EMAIL SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR PUBLICATION!!!!

I spoke to a couple of lawyers to make sure we would’t get into any trouble for posting his e-mail but just to be on the safe side, we’ll respect Mikey’s wishes. We’ll give you the paraphrased version of his latest e-mail.

Missanelli starts out in typical fashion, throwing anyone but himself under the bus. He says that I critiqued his radio show because I have a personal vendetta, and that I critiqued his article on Sunday because I could not stand to see “my beloved Cole Hamels play for another team”. He asks several questions that would indicate he believes he’s a victim in this whole story. Why do you care about my information? Why do you care about me? He goes on to once again tout his 25 years “in the business”, his sources, and his experience. After that speech for the 10th time, he says he has “inside info” from the Boggs camp, that apparently no one else has access to, which is obviously a crock. He then starts to try to distance himself from his contract by throwing a very well respected national sports writer under the bus; Jayston Stark. He says Stark recommended to him and that’s where Missanelli got all his contract info for the story on Sunday.

There’s one little problem, though. The numbers on baseball reference are THE SAME AS MINE. Check for yourself.

Carlos Ruiz: 2013 34 Philadelphia Phillies $5,000,000 Team Option $500K Buy out

Jimmy Rollins: 2013 34 Philadelphia Phillies $11,000,000

The last paragraph was basically a recap of Mike Missanelli’s disgusting personality. He goes on and on about how immature I am for even writing the initial criticism, calls me a weasel, just a kid, clueless, and beneath him. He touts his status as a college professor and his resume, once again. After that, he does the most classless thing he has said so far, in my opinion. He suggests that “if i were classy” I’d take down his e-mails and put up a blurb about how wrong I was for publishing the stories. He shouldn’t write a blurb apologizing to the Philadelphia fans, though for the verbal abuse, though? I’m the immature one for calling you out on YOUR mistakes and you not being able to deal with the heat? He ends the ridiculous e-mail with an offer of “help” for me. If I take the e-mails down, Missanelli “might” offer me a “kind” reference, if anyone asks him about me. I don’t think so, Mike.

Here is my e-mail response to Mikey Miss:


Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:34:27 -0500
Subject: RE: Phone Call with Cole Hamels’ Agent

Yes, my initial story WAS personal, but I was giving my dead honest opinion of you. I don’t think you’re very knowledgeable. You can throw out all the history in the business you want, that doesn’t mean you know baseball. My criticism of your inquirer story had NOTHING to do with being a fan. You fabricated a story on Hamels and his agent setting a deadline.

I am supposed to believe that John Boggs is going to give you, Mike Missanelli, an afternoon drive radio host, inside information that could negatively impact the multi-million dollar deal of his client AND make a phone call to a basically unknown blogger to say that your story is false? Why would the agent even call me back if he was going to lie to me? Come on, dude. It just doesn’t pass the sniff test. Especially when you consider that Hamels said the same thing just days ago.

I know i have never covered anything in my life, and have no “sources”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know basic facts. You have a lot of facts wrong and even your inside info does not sound correct.

I looked on Baseball reference and it still doesn’t match up with what you are saying. It says


It says : “2013 34 Philadelphia Phillies *$5,000,000 $5M Team Option, $500k Buyout ”

You are really pompous and arrogant. You bash me like I’m a kid for not thinking before i act. Did you read your responses to me via e-mail? How the hell are you teaching college kids if that is your behavior towards not only a critical “jobless blogger”, but a fan asking a general question and another reader bringing my story to your attention. You crossed a MAJOR line. To be honest with you, about 4 or 5 more fans came out of the woodwork to tell me how rude and vulgar you were to them. Those e-mail exchanges did not get published. You have such a massive ego, that the issues are on everyone else but yourself.

Are you saying that the info in your article on Sunday was correct?

Answer them one by one:

Is Carlos Ruiz really “in line to make between 6 and 7 million”?
Is John Mayberry Jr. arbitration eligible?
Is Rollins really making 12 mill?
Did John Boggs REALLY tell you that there was a Spring Training deadline for negotiations?

If you answer honestly and admit to making some mistakes or atleast showing how you came up with some of these numbers, then maybe I’ll consider taking your E-mails down, but until then, they will stay up. I think they deserve to be shown publicly.

Oh, and I’m not really interested in you as a “kind” reference. I never came looking for your help and I’m not interested.

John Gallante

After this exchange, I am really not expecting a response. Missanelli has changed his tune already, but he can’t get away from his personality-an egotistic maniac that can’t admit he’s wrong. This whole process has dug a deeper and deeper hole for Mikey Miss. He is trying to say that if these articles about him were never published, he would have been a reference for me to get a job in the sports media business. Now, apparently, that opportunity is gone. Only thing is, I never wanted a reference or help from Mike Missanelli. It’s all an act to try to get these damning emails taken down.  I may be a “jobless blogger”, but I’m not that stupid, Mike.

One last thing I wanted to point out to the Penn St. grad and SJU professor: His original e-mail started out with “You’re attack on me…”. “You’re” is a contraction of “You are”. “Your” shows possession. It was my attack on you in the initial story, so your last e-mail should have started off “Your attack on me…” Hope that helps. I know it’s tough to memorize sometimes.

Update 1: We had to take down the original e-mail from Missanelli due to a possible copyright infringement. We wanted to protect ourselves just in case. The good news is, Missanelli has sent me two more e-mails without the disclaimer, one containing a possible threat. We’ll get it to you as soon as possible. 

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7 Responses to “The Feud Continues: Johnny G vs. Mikey Miss”

  1. Joe D says:

    Wow, Missanelli is so incredibly lame. I hope he can receive the counseling he needs to better himself. For being the king of sports talk radio he sure has some mental midget syndrome at work. I guess he’ll trace who I am now and be waiting on my doorstep when I get home with his dukes up. All that undeserved money and he’s deep down still a sad man.

    • Johnny G says:

      He keeps touting the resume, but won’t answer the questions. Seems like his ego won’t allow him to just admit he’s wrong.

  2. Jose from norristown says:

    Let it go yo

  3. Chirp says:

    It was so refreshing listening to brace & marks today. Good vibe

  4. D. MIzzle says:

    Funny that he isn’t on the air today…. could this have anything to do with it?