Missanelli: “You’re Just a Fan”- That’s a Violation

February 27th, 2012 by Johnny G | Filed under General, Phillies, TSP Radio, Wings.

Last night, when I sent my article to Mike Missanelli’s e-mail address, which basically tore his latest article on Philly.com to shreds, I never expected a reply.  It turns out I got much more than that. Mikey Miss went absolutely bat shit crazy. I don’t know if he hit the sauce too hard last night or he just has some type of anger management problem, but Mikey does not like when his mistakes are pointed out to him. He sent e-mail after e-mail of pure nonsense through the mid-evening hours that reeked of arrogance. As I traded replies with Missanelli, I started to get e-mails from other fans that were hearing about this story through TalkSportsPhilly’s Facebook page. It turns out others were receiving vicious replies as well, sometimes just for asking a simple question about the latest article. Thankfully, we have all the e-mail exchanges and we’re going to share them with you. The exchanges listed are with me, Christian Klemash (author at TSP), and a Phillies fan who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s get this started:

I started off by sending Missanelli a link to the article and asking him if he’d like to explain himself for the unprofessional errors and fabrications he made in his article. His response was classy:

 Mikey Miss: Fuck off. Douche bag. My facts and figures are correct. But I guess you would know better since you’re NOT in business. Idiot.

Ahhh, fuck off, douche bag? Nice. I guess I need to be “in the business”, to know basic factual information about players. Carlos Ruiz’ salary in 2013 is real inside info.

JG: Your facts and figures are correct? Ruiz is in line to make between 6 and 7 million? He has a team option for 5 million. Seems off. Rollins’ salary is 11 mill for all the years of the new deal, not 12 mill. Just read the article, dude. Your facts and figures were proven wrong. You could be a man about it and admit you made some mistakes or try to deny it, and act like the big shot you think you are. Welome to reality, big guy.

Miss: Have you seen Jimmy Rollins’ contract? No? Oh, I assumed you were in the business. I HAVE seen the contract. Know why? Because Im in the business. Jackwad.

Now this is getting interesting. Apparently, to know the correct salary for a player in the big leagues, you have to have actually “seen” the contract with your own two eyes. It appears that is one of the perks of being “in the business” or a talk show radio host. Either one. How did Missanelli see Rollins’ contract, considering he is just a sports radio host? My money is on “he didn’t”. Oh, and I’m a jackwad. Atta boy, Mikey.

Miss (Again, for some reason): Big guy. Hahahaha… Dude, YOU’RE JUST A FAN.

I’m just a fan?!?! What?! Who the hell does he think listens to his radio show? Front office personnel? What a clueless moron. The fans are what pay this dunces salary and he has the audacity to tell me that I’m “just a fan”? Get a clue, Mike.

JG: Wait, I need to be in the business to know that Jimmy Rollins makes 11 million dollars a year? It’s a 3 year deal at 11 mill per. Besides that, please answer the questions on Ruiz and Mayberry. You said Ruiz is scheduled to make between 6 and 7 mill, the only problem is, he has a team option for 5 mill. How do you figure, Mike? I don’t need to “see” Jimmy Rollins contract to know that he makes 11 mill. The info is readily available on the internet, a tool someone as big time as you should have access to, right? You’re real classy, Mike. May i ask why Rollins or his agent would ever let you “see” his contract? Let’s not blow smoke, Mike. You’ve done enough of that in your article.

Miss: Dude, you’re a fucking idiot. Contracts are announced as the average of the total deal. Dope.

Now I’m a fucking idiot? Good, Mike. Let’s get to the next sentence, which is slightly less moronic. Even if the contracts were announced as the average total of the deal, the average value of a 3 year deal at $33 million (Rollins’ contract), is……11 million! You got it, Mike. You solved it! You broke the case wide open!    (My best My Cousin Vinny impression). This guy is even more clueless than my original article proved. You can’t just admit you made a mistake? Oh, and now I’m a dope.

Miss (again for some reason): Dude, you DO realize that Ive been in this business for 25 years, right? You DO know that Im also a lawyer who talks to agents all the time, right? I swear to God, people like you make me scratch my head.

Let me get this straight- Missanelli has been in “this business” for 25 years, is a lawyer, and talks to agents all the time. This means that Mikey gets to actually see the contracts that his agent friends have negotiated for their clients? For some reason I doubt it. Besides, all the contract info is listed on Cot’s Contracts. Take a look for yourself. It’s not that hard. Missanelli got lazy, wrote a bullshit article, got called out on it, and now is acting like a child.

JG: Wait, what? You said Rollins will be making 12 mill in 2013. He will NOT be. He has a 3 year, 33 million dollar deal. Even if they are announced as the “average of the total deal”, that’s still 11 mill.

I thought you “saw” the contract? When and why did Rollins or his agent let you, a radio talk show host, see his contract? Why won’t you answer the questions about Ruiz and Mayberry? I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business, you are flat out wrong. Explain how your figures weren’t off on Ruiz being in line to make 6 or 7 mill when he has a 5 million dollar team option. Explain how you weren’t wrong when you said Mayberry would go to arbitration. Explain your BS explanation of the rollins error your made. Hey Mike, the average amount of a 3 year deal for 33 mill is….11 mill. Not 12 mill. So basically you are saying one of the agents you speak to all the time let you see the rollins contract?

This is where Mikey apparently cut me off, or passed out from his drunken stupor.

The next e-mail exchange was with an anonymous Phillies fan, which also occurred last night. For the transcript we’ll call the anonymous fan, “AF”.

AF: WAY down in the SEVENTEENTH paragraph in your article today, you mention that Hamels’ agent is letting it be known that all talks are off, and Cole will test FA unless a deal is done VERY soon. Considering the past direct quotes from both Hamels AND his agent (AND Ruben Amaro) that there will be no deadlines, isn’t this worth a bigger play?

A fair and reasonable question, I’d say. Especially considering that Missanelli is reporting the opposite of what Cole Hamels said just days ago at his Spring Training press conference.

Miss: Well, since that fact was on my show three weeks ago, I guess you’re a horrible news gatherer. Douche bag.

Well that makes me feel better. AF is a douche bag also. Atleast Mikey is fair. So basically, Missanelli reported three weeks ago that Hamels would not negotiate with the Phillies after Spring Training was over. Hamels says three days ago, that there is NO DEADLINE for negotiations. Not only that but he is saying that Hamels’ agent is “letting it be known”. Letting who know? Where? When? Give us some details. In Missanelli’s defense, it is very tough to give details on a story that isn’t true.

AF: I guess since Cole Hamels, himself, said the exact opposite thing means nothing to YOU asshole.

Miss: Now can you be that fucking stupid to think that he was going to say anything else? Jagoff. You DO realize that I have talked to his agent, right? Hahahah. Idiot.

You are just a classy guy. Missanelli has spoken to Hamels’ agent?! Well that is certainly impressive. If that is the case, why didn’t you just say that Hamels’ agent told you that they would not negotiate after Spring Training was over? Probably because the topic was never even broached. Another nice try by Missanelli.

The next and final e-mail exchange is with Christian Klemash. We’ll call him “CK”. CK is an impressive writer, who is a published author. Check out his work- his book is on the right hand side of the page, called “How to Succeed in the Game Of Life”.

CK started off by simply sending Missanelli a link to the original article that I wrote. Missanelli responded:

Miss: Haha. Do you actually think I would give a shit about what some jobless blogger has to say? Hahaha.

Jobless blogger? Who? I have a job. Thanks for throwing all bloggers under the bus though, Mike. Like i said, this information is all readily available via a quick google search. We have this crazy thing called the internet.

CK: Well, your math was a little off…

Understatement of the year, which Mikey Miss should have been appreciate of.

Miss: How was my math off? My math was right on.

What? How was your math off? Ruiz has a 5 million dollar option for 2013, you said he stands to make between 6 and 7 million. Impossible. You said Rollins will make $12 million in 2013 when he will really make $11 mill in every season of the new contract. You said John Mayberry Jr would have to go to arbitration, only problem there is….Mayberry isn’t arbitration eligible. Overall, you were off by $30 million!!!!! You said the Phillies would be committed to 11 players for $160 million, when in reality, they’d be committed to 12 players for less than $130 million. Yea, your math was right on, Mike.

CK: Jimmy Rollins will make $11M not $12M. Carlos Ruiz has a team option for $5M. He’s not in line for a 6 or 7 mil contract. John Mayberry Jr. is not eligible for arbitration next year. Instead of $160M for 11 players, it’s less than $130M for 12 players. And to assume the blogger is jobless is inaccurate and irrelevant. Counter punch Mike, but counter punch with relevance


Miss: I’ve seen Jimmy Rollins’ contract dope. It calls for $12 mil next year

Again with this. Just go on google, Mike. the information is all there for you. The only issue you respond to is the Rollins one. Why? Answer the others, you dope.

CK: Do all of the players share their contracts with you Mike? And what about the other three items? And calling people names like dope was Eskin’s schtick, wasn’t it? Still trying to fill his shoes?

Classic stuff here.

Miss: You DO know that Ive been in this business for 25 years, right? That I know people. That Im a lawyer who knows and talks all the time to agents. Right?

Good lord, Miss. Why don’t you just answer the damn questions? No one cares that you are a lawyer, no one cares how many years you’ve been a hack, and nobody cares how many times you’ve been fired. Just be accurate.

CK: So, because you’re a lawyer who ‘knows people’ Jimmy Rollins’ agent showed you his contract? Why on earth would Jimmy Rollins or his agent should you his contract? And wouldn’t it be easier for you to just admit you made a mistake? And for someone who’s in the business for 25 years, I never heard of you until about a year ago.

And that’s where CK lost Mikey. No more questions! If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Besides all of the delusional e-mails, lack of accountability, and massive ego Missanelli has, he’s just not a good guy. A good guy does not respond to three separate emails from readers in the disrespectful and classless manner that he did last night. This is the same guy who was fired from WIP in 2006 for a physical altercation with a producer and co-workers. This is the same guy who referred to David Akers as a “girl”, “just a kicker”, and “not a real athlete”, in an interview with…David Akers. This is also the same guy who spent an entire show discussing whether baseball fans should say “RBI” or “RBI’s”. They teach you that at Penn State, Mike?

 Update: News must spread quick. Missanelli apparently read this article and immediately sent me this e-mail

“Your forwarding my e-mails? So pathetic. Your blocked.”

You mean “You’re forwarding my e-mails? So pathetic. You’re blocked.”? Stellar and informative as always. Stay Classy, Mike.

Update 2: I received a call at 5:30 pm from Hamels’ Agent, John Boggs. I spoke with Boggs for about 10 minutes total and he was an absolute gentleman. Boggs made it very clear that there has been NO deadline set as far as negotiations are concerned, and that even if Hamels hits free agency, the Phillies will get the first shot at him. He stressed that he has never told any with the Phillies or anyone in the media that there is a Spring Training deadline in place for the negotiations. Mike Missanelli is completely fabricating stories. Unbelievable


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28 Responses to “Missanelli: “You’re Just a Fan”- That’s a Violation”

  1. Joe D says:

    Really great read you have here. You shine a nice light on the scumbag that is Mike Missanelli. When he first came back on the air he played nice for a while to bait people back in and play the anti-Eskin hero. Now that Eskin is gone his true colors are shining through. I e-mailed him last May about getting Hunter Pence and even suggested that Singleton would be a centerpiece in such a deal because Wade wanted him in the Oswalt trade. He scoffed at me asking me why would the Astros ever want to trade their best player? To which I told him that they need to rebuild and that starts on the farm. I had the show on that day and he led off the show by mocking me and saying “I’m getting e-mails saying ‘Bring in Hunter Pence! Yeah! C’mon people!” He then went on to say the Astros would never do that. So I ask now, who does Pence play for?

    I read mainly blogs now because these mainstream media outlets just don’t get it. Don’t worry though, that little cat petting, cigar smoking curmudgeon will surely snap again soon and the air waves will be free of douche once again.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Johnny G says:

      Thank you, Joe. Missanelli doesn’t have a clue but he has a platform where people believe he knows what he’s talking about. His reactions to me and others have turned my stomach. I will not back down from him. Thanks for the support, Joe!

      • Joe D says:

        Please keep us informed on philly.com’s reaction. I love how Angry Al had comments on here. When I did listen to Missanelli that moron was the worst and had me firing down the dial with light speed. You are right that he has the platform and the ratings. Sadly, that just adds to the fact that in general this fanbase is stupid and uninformed.

  2. AmyMac says:

    If Missanelli is an attorney with such high-powered contacts, perhaps he should consider legal action against his second grade teacher. She never should have allowed him to pass without knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re.” He’s an embarrassment to Philadelphia sports media.

  3. Craig C. says:

    I have also spoke with John Boggs on many of occasions as you are correct. Very nice guy

  4. Angry Al says:

    Leave Mickey Miss alone. He’s Philly thru & thru

  5. Bob says:

    I e-mailed Missanelli as soon as I saw this asking him why he acted like such a maniac.

    His response: “Haha. Well, I guess Im supposed to sit back and take abusive e-mails. You need to check my journalistic resume before your give creedance to a no-job hainvg blogger who lives in his mother’s basement.”

    you* credence* having*

    Let me know what happens when you talk to Philly.com.

    • Johnny G says:

      He’s staying classy. Good to see. He makes a lot of assumptions about someone who has torn him to shreds on two consecutive days now.

      I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks for reading and getting involved, Bob.

  6. Jay Grace says:

    Mike Miss hates talking sports

  7. Unanimous says:

    I’ve texted into Mikes show a couple times asking general sports questions and he also called me an “idiot” and “douche bag”. Why? I have no answer.. he really needs to watch his mouth when he talks to people before he says something to the wrong person

  8. Christian says:

    He is becoming an egomaniac just like Eskin was.

  9. emurph says:

    “When you have the facts on your side, you pound the facts. When you don’t, you POUND the table.”

    It’s a common debating tactic, and it appears the one Missanelli chose last night. Notice how quickly he abandoned his facts and went to the insults. That’s a very solid indication of just how solid his information was (Not).

    Here are my questions: How do the people who pay Missanelli’s salary at 97.5 tolerate his using his WORK E-MAIL to curse at the very people who indirectly pay his salary? Are Missanelli’s e-mail comments consistent with 97.5’s HR guidelines regarding appropriate use of company e-mail? I can’t imagine they are. And is 97.5 going to turn a blind eye to its own internal policies if indeed Missanelli’s e-mails violate their own internal e-mail guidelines? Ask yourself a question: Would YOU be in trouble with your employer if you used your company e-mail to be as abusive as Missanelli was?

    How do the Philadelphia newspapers who own and run Philly.com tolerate and condone what certainly appears to be a complete fabrication of a substantial fact in Missanelli’s column, namely that John Boggs’ issued an ultimatum to the Phillies’ front office with regard to the Cole Hamels’ negotiations? How do they tolerate the number of really basic factual mistakes that Missanelli made in his article. What happened to professional journalism? Are there no longer fact-checkers?

    I would love to see the folks who employ Missanelli at each of these institutions explain themselves here. That would be fun. To say the least, it appears as though they have a rogue employee on their hands, who is doing damage to the professional reputation I’m sure they’re anxious to establish/maintain.

    • Johnny G says:

      The producer at 97.5 was appalled, the agent denied every thing Missanelli said. I’m gonna get to the philly.com and the people in charge there, tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Murph.

  10. ricky says:

    missinformanelli is an arrogant ass wipe who has no clue, the line is telling me something was eskins he stole it, another penn state grad who thinks he is better than you

  11. Johnny G says:

    Amen, Leo. I left a message with his producer.