Missanelli Just Can’t Help Himself

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It’s becoming more and more evident that Missanelli just doesn’t get it. How much more can one person regurgitate the same information? Why won’t he just answer the questions based on his article on Sunday? I’ve already proven that the links he sent me STILL have the same information I corrected him with. This is just getting too hard to believe. Here is the next around with Mike Missanelli:

From: Mike Missanelli

To: John Gallante

Hahaha. You dont think Im very knowledgeable? You have any idea what my background is? You should do some research. I was a newspaper reporter for the Inquirer for 10 years. Editor in chief of a sports magazine, a TV sports anchor, a talk radio host for more than 15 years now, a college professor who teaches a course in Sports Law, and an attorney. I feel sorry for kids like you. You’re just a kid. You need to grow up.

Mikey Miss is a big fan of the back to back e-mail strategy.

From: Mike Missanelli

To John Gallante

One other thing: Im a published author with a best selling book out called The Perfect Season. See, this is the problem with the blogosphere. Kids with no experience in the journalism field just writing nonsense and thinking that they are journalists. Believe it or not, Im trying to help you here. WHen you grow up — and I assume you are really immature 21 year old — you may learn that a journalist who obtains any credibility at all does that from being objective to the facts of a story and doesnt approach things like a fan. My sense is that you will never actually get a job in this business. Good luck to you. I hope to God that you cross my path one day and that you will be man enough to introduce yourself.

From: John Gallante

To: Mike Missanelli

Mike, you won’t learn will you? Do you have any idea how ignorant, arrogant, and pompous you come across in every single e-mail you send? No one cares about your book. Did anyone actually buy it? I’ve never heard of it. STOP TOUTING YOUR RESUME. Your facts are WRONG. You could be in the business for 100 years, that doesn’t change the fact that you have been proven wrong and you have sent me links to where you got your information, and they still don’t match up with your original article. They are the same numbers that i corrected you with.

Get this through your head also, I’m not looking for you help. I don’t want your help. If you asked me right now, if I could have your career but with that, I’d also have to have your attitude and overall arrogance, I would rather work a minimum wage job trying to make ends meet. If I am a really immature 21 year old, you must be a REALLY REALLY immature 55 year old. Anyone who has read my stories has lost any ounce of respect they had for you to begin with. I don’t know if I will ever get a job in the business, or if I will even pursue one, but if i do, I sure as hell will be nothing like you. I can guarantee you that. I hope that we also cross paths one day in person. Maybe when we do, you won’t try to avoid my basic questions about your facts in your article. Maybe you won’t run away from the conversation like you did on your radio show. I have a feeling you won’t be so brave in person.

John Gallante


We’ll have another batch coming out soon, I’m sure. Missanelli can not seem to control himself from responding to “jobless” bloggers.

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2 Responses to “Missanelli Just Can’t Help Himself”

  1. Henry Phearr says:

    Johnny G,

    I like the fact that you don’t back down from Mikey Miss, too many of his callers fold too easily when he chanllenges them. However, this whole feud thing is starting to come off as you trying to get press for yourself…and you are coming off as immature. You made your point about him not having the facts right, and as a Philly sports fan I appreciate you calling this out. But it really is time to let it go buddy. Wait until his next piece in the Inquirer and go to town fact checking that one and let us know what you find. But trying to force him to admit to an error in his previous column just seems petty at this point.


    • Johnny G says:

      Yea, I’m never going to back down from him, but as long as he keeps sending me ridiculous e-mails, they’ll keep getting published. I don’t see him responding to the latest e-mail, though. The only reason I continue to respond is because in every e-mail he sends, he comes across as condescending, arrogant,and rude. I can’t stomach it. Thanks for sharing your opinions, though.