McNabb: Peyton Won’t Work In D.C. Because I Didn’t

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How delusional has Donovan McNabb become? He sat down with ESPN 980 to discuss his upcoming plans for the future, when the conversation eventually got around to the possibility of Peyton Manning going to the Redksins. According to McNabb and his warped look on reality, Manning would never succeed in Washington because… guessed it, McNabb himself didn’t work out in Washington. The similarities between the two are mind-blowing- they both play quarterback, they both played in one system for most of their career, and…well that’s pretty much it.

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“Peyton’s not gonna go there,” he said. “I don’t see Peyton ending up in Washington. Because what happens is now, you’re bringing in another veteran who will be 35 36, who has been in one offense throughout his career. It’s the same situation.”

“Now he comes over, and as they say now, Peyton is such an offensive coordinator on the offense. So now what does that do to your offensive coordinator? Does he step down? Does he step back? Does he begin to change the whole offense according to the play of the quarterback that he has in Peyton Manning? Well, I didn’t see that happen, so I definitely don’t see that happening for Peyton.”

Yes, Donovan, it’s the same situation. Besides the fact that Manning can read a defense, lead a team, and accurately throw the football. Can you blame Kyle Shanahan for not stepping aside when you went to Washington? I certainly can’t. You never ran the offense here in Philadelphia, so why would they let you run it in Washington? I have a feeling the coaching staff would be a hell of a lot more likely to take a step back with Peyton at the helm than you.

“I played for 11 years in Philadelphia, where it was built around the ability that I had and the guys that we had already there. I think a lot of times when you go in a situation late, and then you have a new coach, you have a new style where they just think their style is gonna work automatically, not looking at the players that they have…..”

I could accept that excuse for your time in Washington, but what about Minnesota? Is it too painful to just take responsibilities for your own awful play?

Come on Donovan, enjoy retirement, my friend.

The entire article can be seen here. Donovan takes a couple more subtle jabs at his coaches over the years.

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