A Christmas gift that the Giants made the Eagles Return

December 24th, 2011 by Leo | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

At the start of the day I had no idea that the Eagles were still statistically in the hunt for a Playoff birth by possibly winning the division.  I thought to myself how is this possible with the dismal season the Eagles have put together.  In my confusion and admittedly lack of attention recently to football, it was explained.  In order for the Eagles to win the division they had to win both remaining games this year, the one with Dallas today and the one next week.  The Giants had to lose to the Jets today and win against the Cowboys next week.  And the Cowboys had to lose both remaining games to the Eagles and next week to the Giants.  If this series of events happened it would have left all three teams with an 8-8 record and since the Eagles had the most division wins they would be the winners of the division.

While watching the beginning of the Eagles game and an early lead against Dallas and with the Jets making a run at a come from behind win against  the Giants I thought maybe this would be Philly’s Christmas gift this year.  But a short while later with the Jets bumbling their comeback and a Giants safety sealed the fate of the Eagles.  So the surprise Christmas gift had to be returned before anyone could really unwrap it.  So in closing TalkSportsPhilly would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope Santa delivers you great gifts tomorrow.

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