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New Years Games 2011 – 2012

December 30th, 2011 by Leo | Comments Off on New Years Games 2011 – 2012 | Filed in College Sports, Eagles, Flyers, General, Sixers

As 2011 ends and we begin 2012 the sports world has a fireworks display of Games for the fans to watch.  Although Philly teams don’t have many there will be a few to watch.  Most of the anticipated action will be from the football arena’s with the college bowl games and the ending of the NFL regular season.  The Flyers will not have any games this weekend in preparation for the Winter Classic outdoor game against the New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park on Monday.  TSP wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Years!

Here is a listing of Philly Team games and bowl games for this New Years weekend:

Philly Teams

Jan. 1  Sunday  1:00 PM    Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Jan. 2  Monday  1:00 PM   New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers


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A Christmas gift that the Giants made the Eagles Return

December 24th, 2011 by Leo | Comments Off on A Christmas gift that the Giants made the Eagles Return | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

At the start of the day I had no idea that the Eagles were still statistically in the hunt for a Playoff birth by possibly winning the division.  I thought to myself how is this possible with the dismal season the Eagles have put together.  In my confusion and admittedly lack of attention recently to football, it was explained.  In order for the Eagles to win the division they had to win both remaining games this year, the one with Dallas today and the one next week.  The Giants had to lose to the Jets today and win against the Cowboys next week.  And the Cowboys had to lose both remaining games to the Eagles and next week to the Giants.  If this series of events happened it would have left all three teams with an 8-8 record and since the Eagles had the most division wins they would be the winners of the division.

While watching the beginning of the Eagles game and an early lead against Dallas and with the Jets making a run at a come from behind win against  the Giants I thought maybe this would be Philly’s Christmas gift this year.  But a short while later with the Jets bumbling their comeback and a Giants safety sealed the fate of the Eagles.  So the surprise Christmas gift had to be returned before anyone could really unwrap it.  So in closing TalkSportsPhilly would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope Santa delivers you great gifts tomorrow.

Phillies Focus: Jimmy Rollins

December 22nd, 2011 by Mike H. | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Jimmy Rollins: Help or Hinderance?

Monday afternoon, Jimmy Rollins was re-introduced as the starting short stop for the Phillies after signing a 3 year contract worth 33 million dollars. The deal also contains a 4th year vesting option valued at 11 million dollars. If the option does not vest, the Phillies hold an 8 million dollar club option and Rollins holds a 5 million dollar player option. Is Jimmy really worth the money? Could the Phillies just as easily saved 10.5 million dollars for 2012 by going with in-house option Freddy Galvis? Let’s dive into some comparisons and see if we can clear up the debate. (more…)

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Eagles Roll Over Jets Keep NFC East Hopes Alive

December 18th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Eagles Roll Over Jets Keep NFC East Hopes Alive | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

The playoff hopes might be slim, but the Philadelphia Eagles still have a glimmer of hope. A combination that included a healthy dose of good defense that grounded the Jets and gave the Eagles an early 28-0 lead.  There was a sense of uneasiness in the second quarter, but there was enough of a cushion to cover the mistakes that were yet again made on special teams.

Yes, the team was still very sloppy at times. Curtis Marsh apparently couldn’t hear Desean Jackson yelling to stop, thus giving Martin two straight weeks with a special teams mistake. Deon Lewis fumbled a kickoff and LeSean McCoy lost his first fumble of the season, both happened at inopportune times and gave the Jets the most momentum they had in the game. Yet the defense especially the line showed that last week was not a one time gig.

Mark Sanchez had a very pedestrian game (15/26, 150, 2/2) and Shonn Greene mustered 73 yards on 18 carries. The NY Jets offensive line was absolutely dominated by the Eagles. Even though they only had four total sacks, Sanchez had to face at times constant blitzing from Juan Castillo’s defense.

On the offensive side of the ball, Michael Vick ran a very efficient offense. There was the kind of balance that was on display during the wins over the Cowboys and the Redskins. Vick had 22 pass attempts to 18 handoffs at one point late in the game. The result? A much more efficient and flowing offense. Vick’s found his new favorite target Brent Celek five times for 156 yards and a touchdown. Celek now leads the team in receptions (49). To top things off for Vick he had his first rushing touchdown since the infamous Tuesday night game against the Vikings in week 16 last season.

Jason Babin gets the defensive game ball. He was a force, sacking Sanchez three times and raising his total on the season to 18. He now has nine quarters to get five sacks, which would break the record for most in season. Speaking of record setting, “Shady” McCoy now holds the mark for the most touchdowns scored in a season by a running back by scoring three times today. He got my offensive game ball after his 33 yard run early on in the fourth quarter. To top it off I’ll give Jim Washburn a game ball for another great week of defensive line play.


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Flyers Rolling and Pronger out

December 16th, 2011 by Leo | Comments Off on Flyers Rolling and Pronger out | Filed in Flyers, General, Hockey

The Flyers extended their win streak to seven with a 4-3 win over Montreal the other night.  They have a record of 12-3-1 on the road this year which ties them with the 1979-80 team with the best road record in 16 games with 25 points.  The Flyers overall record is 20-7-3, which leaves them with the best record in the Eastern Conference.  On top of all this good news or should I say only good news for Philly teams right now comes a sharp blow to team leadership.

Flyers Captain Chris Pronger was announced out for the season suffering from a severe post concussion syndrome.  This may seem a crippling blow but probably won’t be because the Flyers  entered Thursday 11-4-1 without Pronger this season and 8-3-2 with him.  TalkSportsPhilly and the Philly fans are wishing a speedy and full recovery for Pronger and hope to have him happy and healthy for next season.  In the meantime, we are fully supporting and expect continued success by our only winning team at the moment.

One In A Trillion

December 8th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on One In A Trillion | Filed in General

That’s the probability of the Phillies landing 1B Albert Pujols. With reports surfacing that there is a mystery team in the running that already has an established first baseman, many could quickly start to think back to this time last year. If you think about it, the Phillies have been meeting with Dan Lozano, who represents both Pujols and Jimmy Rollins. Many thought that a deal with Rollins was close, yet the Phillies continue to deny those reports. Maybe the deal is with another client? I doubt it, but we’ll see. Keep the 19th open on your calendars just in case.