Week 10: Eagles-Cardinals Preview

November 11th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

This week was supposed to be the sudden homecoming for Kevin Kolb, instead of getting the main course Eagles fans will be treated to a side dish of John Skelton. It is just what the Eagles need after suffering what was the toughest loss of the season Monday night against the Bears. While there can be debate over this, Philadelphia had to win that game Monday night after the Giants took care of business against the Patriots. The playoff mountain may have dumped an avalanche on the Eagles last week, but they will hold onto their rope for at least one more week.

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Eagles Offense vs. Arizona Defense

Coming into the season it was well documented how bad the Cardinals secondary could be this season and so far they have lived up to that bill. They are currently 28th (389.8 yds) in total team defense with the breakdown of pass/run per game being this: 29th (272.0 yds)/16th (117.5 yds). Perhaps the worst stat of all when looking at the Cardinals defense is that they have allowed 11 rushing touchdowns, which puts them tied for dead last in the league. So what does this mean for the Eagles? Pound the football and make smart throws.

I believe that the Eagles will have a similar game plan to what we saw against the Cowboys, with possibly a tad more emphasis on the deep ball. DeSean Jackson desperately needs to catch a deep ball to get his confidence going. Right now it just looks like he is doubting his ability to catch the football, he just needs to relax and remember what brought him to the dance. Game breaking speed in the open field. Don’t forget about Jeremy Maclin, he will line up across from A.J Jefferson who has had problems defending the pass all year long. He was dominated by Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith, and Hakeem Nicks.

Expect a big time dose of Lesean “Shady” McCoy. He didn’t reach the 100 yd barrier against the Bears, but he still showed off his game changing speed. The offense needs to control the flow of the game by running the football down the throats of the Cardinals. The new found emphasis on the ground has to stay in tact because right now the combination of Vick and the receivers just don’t look quite in sync, but this could be the week that the confidence ball begins to roll. If it doesn’t happen now, it never will.

Eagles Defense vs. Cardinals Offense

The air inside the Linc just won’t be the same around kickoff because Kevin Kolb won’t be out there to challenge the Eagles new secondary. Instead John Skelton gets his second straight start and while he looked okay against the Rams, remember how good the Eagles looked against that offense. The front seven have to be seething at the fact that Jay Cutler escaped Philly without being sacked once. Arizona comes into this game ranked 29th in the league in sacks given up with 27. Of course you have to know where Larry Fitgerald is at all times, but it  would be nice to see the secondary take him out of the game early just so he doesn’t get into any type of rhythm with Skelton.

Even though the Cardinals offense has left their fans with something to be desired so far, Beanie Wells has been better than what most thought he would be. He currently has 526 rush yds and 7  tds, but he has been bothered by knee injuries throughout most of this season. If the Cardinals want to have any chance in this game Wells has to control the football, but as of right now he looks like a game time decision at best. If Beanie is to sit this week, LaRod Stephens-Howling will get the start. Yes that is right John Skelton and LaRod Stephens-Howling could be the starting QB and RB, is there anyway that the Eagles can possibly find a way to lose this one?


Turnovers is the answer to the question above. On Monday night both teams turned the ball over twice, each coming in crucial situations. I guarantee Jackson calls for a fair catch if there is any Cardinal within 5 yards of him.

This will be the second straight week that the Eagles face a punt return threat. Devin Hester was shut down last week and this week Patrick Peterson will face the same fate, not because Chas Henry is special, but just simply because his chances will be limited with the amount of scoring drives that the Eagles will have.


Eagles 42 Cardinals 17 – This game has a similar feel to week 3 against the Chiefs two seasons ago. The Eagles dominated that game ironically with backup Kevin Kolb in place. The reason I bring that game up is because the Chiefs had a lowly defense that couldn’t stop anything that the Eagles tried to do and you gotta believe that after what took place last week Philadelphia will score at will and dirty John Skelton’s jersey to a point where even Tide won’t make a difference.

What do you guys think about the Cardinals coming into town? Follow me on Twitter @scottdargis and tell me what you think is going to happen on Sunday afternoon.


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2 Responses to “Week 10: Eagles-Cardinals Preview”

  1. Scott Dargis says:

    I think that we are looking at the saga from 05′ all over again, except this time Desean will be doing sprints around his house instead of T.O. doing situps.

  2. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Great article Scott, I wish the outcome you predicted worked out. What do you think of what’s happening with Desean Jackson??