Freefalling Birds

November 28th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.

The drubbing that the Eagles endured yesterday thanks to the New England Patriots has set the wheels in motion for certain armageddon within the franchise. The chants “fire Andy” were not overwhelming yesterday, but they could be heard loud and clear over the telecast for about 30 seconds. The message has become pretty clear, the fans are tired of the current course that the Eagles are stuck on.

Make no mistake about it the Eagles were simply outclassed against a Patriots team that needed to make a statement after the Baltimore Ravens took care of the 49ers on Sunday. The 10 point lead that the Eagles jumped out to was a quick after thought because once Tom Brady got rolling there was simply no stopping him.

At times it looked like Brady was going to be sacked, only to step up avoid the pressure and create plays out of nothing, the Deion Branch catch and run in the second quarter for example. The final stats for Brady looked like this:

24-for-34, 361 yards, 3 TDs.

Keep in mind that Brady wasn’t relevant in the fourth quarter because the game was already way in hand. There are many reasons why yesterday’s game got away from the Eagles, so let’s take a look at a couple of them, in order from most important:

Secondary – There could be a separate article written about each player in the secondary and how bad they played yesterday, but it’s easier just to group them together. Here is a list of bad/awful/WTF are they doing!? Plays that the secondary didn’t make:

Wes Welker 41 yd touchdown- Nate Allen won’t bite into a sandwich harder than he bit on that play action.

Deion Branch 63 yd reception – Once Brady points to a spot you know your done, Brandon Hughes.

Rob Gronkowski 24 yd touchdown – Nate Allen this time doesn’t step up because his feet are in quicksand.

All day Brady had a ton of time to assess the defense and when he has time to take a look around the field you’re done. The Eagles even benefited from a rare drop by Welker and a drop by Tiquan Underwood that would have went for a touchdown. A terrible effort all around by this defensive unit.


Desean Jackson drops – At the time of the first drop it didn’t appear to be game changing, but as the game unfolded it became a different story. Let’s begin with the what ifs. If D-Jax catches that ball the game is suddenly 21-17, the Eagles defense would have had that much more momentum to stop Brady at the end of the half. Sadly this isn’t the only what if that features Desean.

The other what if with Jackson came at the end of the 3rd quarter. My roomate said to me the Eagles have to score here if they want to even think about coming back, as the sentence left his mouth Vince Young threw a bomb to number 10. He ran a perfect post route beating both defenders only again to drop the ball in the endzone. That my friends is what you bring to the contract negotiations if you’re the Eagles. BIG players make BIG catches in BIG situations. D-Jax has always made up for his lack of size with his speed, but now it’s his hands that have come into question.

Lack of McCoy – When the score was becoming out of reach it did become time to throw the ball constantly, so based on the situation it is hard to blame the offensive game plan at that point, but my question was why wasn’t McCoy ran on the play when Vince Young threw his interception. The Patriots had just erased a 10 point deficit at sonic speed, doesn’t it make sense to try and slow the game down and keep Brady and the rest of the offense on the field. It just seemed like Reid wanted to try and catch Belichick off guard with the early game plan, but Reid should have known that putting the Pats in a position where they have to score points is a bad idea.

The only thing left for Eagles fans to watch for this season is to see just how bad the soap opera may become. The main cast and storylines are already being built: Desean Jackson against the front office, Andy Reid’s future or lack there of, Jeff Laurie having to oversee everything and make a decision that will change the course of his franchise. Don’t forget about the supporting cast because we got a tease of what might be to come when Jim Washburn called out Marty Morneweg on the sidelines yesterday.

This is a team in turmoil that has to fly across country to play in one of the most difficult environments in the NFL, good luck.

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  1. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Nice breakdown Scott, I hear a lot of people saying this is Andy Reid’s last year with the Eagles.