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Success Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

October 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Success Is In The Eye Of The Beholder | Filed in Eagles, Football

Since 1999, Andy Reid has been the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. In the 12 plus seasons since taking over, he’s told us how he needs to do a better job of putting this team in a better position to win. At first, it seemed like a very honorable thing to do. To fall on the sword for the players who failed to succeed. As each year passed and the Reid’s winning ways increased, each loss, especially in the playoffs, became more gut wrenching than the last. For the last couple of seasons, many fans would call in to sports talk radio and insist that Andy Reid should be removed from his position. At the same time, members of the national media kept referring to Reid’s winning ways and how the fans were “misguided”, to put it nicely, for thinking other wise.

Many of you who know me, or have read my work, know that I am not exactly a person that bleeds Midnight Green and Silver. It’s not that I am a fan of another team, or just don’t like the Eagles. In general, I am just not a fan of what the game is, or has become. There are too many players that need a celebratory dance or signature move, for doing their job. To me I see a guy make a tackle, not for a loss mind you, or make a catch that results in a first down, not a touch down, and they jump to their feet and are just short of doing the electric slide. I try to look at the Eagles and the NFL with an unbiased approach, so that I can make a partially educated guess on the subject.

That being said the purpose of this article is to create an in depth look in to the actual success, or possibly the lack-there-of, of the Eagles during Andy Reid’s tenure. To find out how good this team really was/is. I’ll do this by observing three areas in each of the twelve plus seasons in which Reid has been at the helm. The areas include record versus sub-.500 teams, record versus over-.500 teams, and record versus teams that made the playoffs in that particular season. Teams that currently have or had a .500 record or have finished with at least a .500 record in any given season will be added to the “Over .500” category. Hopefully we can put to rest the validity of the success be it fact or fiction.

As of the time of this post, the Andy Reid Era is being defined by the success between 2001 and 2004. Four solid years that all culminated in Conference Championship games. If you follow the records, its no surprise that the Eagles failed to reach the Super Bowl. Of the four seasons, the Eagles played .500 or worse three out of four years against teams that were .500 or better. It is very clear that the Eagles took advantage of a weak conference early in Reid’s tenure, but since 2005, the league has more than caught up with the Eagles.



Back in Action

October 25th, 2011 by Mike H. | 1 Comment | Filed in General

Well, I’m coming to the conclusion of my hiatus from TSP. A lot has gone wrong in Philly since then, but tomorrow is a new day and we can only hope for the best. My goal is to add AT LEAST one post per week about the Phillies as we crown a champion for 2011 and look forward to the 2011 Winter Meetings in Dallas, Tex (Dec 5-8).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email me at I will try to answer each one as soon as possible and if I get a couple of really thought prevoking ones, I’ll do a mailbag post.

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Hope to hear from all of you on the interwebs soon and keep on reading TSP!

Eagles-Redskins Week 6 Preview

October 14th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

The last time that the Eagles set foot on Fed-Ex Field Michael Vick had one of the all-time great performances. It all started on the very first play of the game, lined up on their own 12 the Eagles ran a play action that left Vick with a ton of time to set and throw a bomb to Desean Jackson. One play, 88 yards and the air sucked right out of the hogs in Washington. Many remember the Miracle at the New Meadowlands, but that 59-28 win over the Redskins was the most complete performance that the Eagles had all of last season. That game just feels like it was light years ago.

After what has been a debacle to say the least the Eagles come into this Sunday’s match-up against the Redskins with absolutely no momentum. Even though the offense finally scored and the defense didn’t allow any points in the fourth quarter, last week was the sloppiest game that this team has played yet. There is just no way that you are going to win a football game at any level turning the ball over five times.

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If there is a chance for the Eagles to begin the turn around, this is the perfect opportunity. The Redskins come into this game 1st place in the NFC East with a 3-1 record, but this is a team that hasn’t been tested the way Philadelphia will test them on Sunday.

Eagles Offense vs. Redskins Defense


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Early Season Thriller for the Flyers

October 13th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Early Season Thriller for the Flyers | Filed in Flyers, General, Hockey

Yes it was only October 12th, but if you are a Philadelphia Flyers fan there is reason to be enthusiastic. This is a team that came into the season with huge question marks surrounding every aspect of the club, but after just three games there are some answers to those questions and for the most part they are good. The home opener provided an extremely tough test for this young Flyers team and they passed, maybe not with flying colors, but with a W in the left column.

Right off of the first face off the Flyers came out and took control. One of the aspects of the new Flyers that has been prominent is their speed. It frustrated the Bruins, it frustrated the Devils and it definitely frustrated the Canucks. Within the first 10 minutes of the game the Flyers were able to draw three penalties.

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It had been 11 straight times since Philadelphia lit the lamp on a power play, but they scored on two of those three penalties in the first period. The first goal came from Claude Giroux, thanks to a weird bounce off of the glass that left him right in front of Luongo and the second came from a tremendous slap shot by Chris Pronger, snapping a 25 game drought. Up 2-0 against the defending Western Conference champs the Flyers were skating with tremendous confidence, but it was going to take much more than that to beat the Presidents’ Trophy winner from last year.

The theme of the night was a Vancouver comeback and the first step in this process was a Mikael Samuelsson power play goal, a Scott Hartnell high stick led to the power play chance. The Flyers were quick to answer however.


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We Were Dead Even Before The Ship Sank

October 10th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Before anything on the field is discussed I just want to say that I wanted to hold off on writing this article. I didn’t want to write something about the Eagles floundering in the beginning of the season only to have them turn it around in the end, but one specific moment in yesterday’s game put me over the edge. I thought that it couldn’t get any worse after the 4th quarter debacle against the 49ers, what Eagles long time play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese said was “one of the most devastating and embarrassing losses in the history of the franchise”. Even though being down 28-7 to the Bills, I knew the Eagles had a chance to come back, the offense just has too many weapons and sure enough they found themselves within one score and the ball with under 5 minutes to go.

It was during that last drive that I kept thinking, alright at what point is something going to go wrong, you just knew that something negative was inevitable. On that 3rd and 3 on the Buffalo 25 it happened, Vick threw to his sure handed receiver Jason Avant who was drilled right as he began to bring the ball in, of course it would bounce away from him, of course it would go right into the hands of Bills linebacker Nick Barnett. When I watched the replay I noticed that Jason Avant would have likely been short of the first down marker according to the line provided by FOX. If that ball is caught it would have been another classic situation for Andy Reid, a 4th and 1 with the game on the line, Eagles fans know how that usually turns out.

Even though the Eagles turned the ball over for a fifth time there was still a chance. If they could just get a stop they were going to get the ball back with a chance to tie the game and with the way that the offense was moving in the second half who knows what could have happened.

Every game it has gotten more and more difficult to try and avoid getting frustrated when stupid and inconceivable mistakes are committed by this team. The numerous missed tackles by the defense that take place on every single drive. The game ending drop by Jeremy Maclin against the Falcons. The ridiculous play call by Andy Reid against the Giants, up two points early on in the fourth quarter, 4th and 1 on the Giants 43, Reid calls a run play for McCoy who is dropped for a loss, Victor Cruz scored again on the very next drive. Then there was last week when Maclin fumbled the ball late in the 4th quarter in field goal range, but nothing can top what took place yesterday.

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NFL 2011 Week 5 Preview and Predictions

October 7th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on NFL 2011 Week 5 Preview and Predictions | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

The theme for the first quarter of this year’s season is comebacks. Whether it is a team that was once written off completely or a team that is down by 20 points going into the second half, if you love a good comeback story there is plenty for you to like so far. These comebacks have put the NFL in an alternate universe that has the Lions at 4-0 and the Eagles at 1-3. Weird, yes, exciting for sure. Change is a good thing just ask anyone in the Detroit or Buffalo area.

This is the first week in which teams have off and teams like the Dolphins and Rams desperately need the week off not only to get healthy, but to reevaluate the aspects of the game that they need to improve on if they want to actually win some games this year. Speaking of winning I got off on a better foot last week going 13-3 (I did not get a chance to write an Eagles preview, but was going to pick the Birds in a rout, gotta stop doing that.) Let’s break down this week’s games.

New Orleans @ Carolina Panthers 1:00pm

This has the potential to be a sneaky good game. Every time that you think Cam Newton is going to have a dud he goes out there and puts up stats that are mind boggling for a rookie. Last week in Chicago he went 27/46 for 374 yards and a touchdown, he also ran for two more scores. This is a guy that you have to watch on every play because he just always seems to have a knack for making a big play. After one week of coming back down close to Earth, Steve Smith shot right back up into space with an eight catch 181 yard performance. This is a team that has two running backs who are more than capable of carrying the load, but the game plan is clear. Throw the ball down the field, which they should be able to do against the 19th ranked pass defense of the Saints.

Drew Brees and co. have been a model of consistency that can only be rivaled by the Packers. The Saints can move the ball down the field in ways that the defense can’t fathom until they sit down to look at the plays in film. Drew Brees makes all of those no name receivers look like pro bowlers. You just never know where the ball is going to go, except you better start accounting for Jimmy Graham. He has become Brees’ favorite target in the red zone and for good reason. He has three touchdowns in the red zone this year and is coming off of a 10 catch 132 yard performance against Jacksonville.


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Vegas Likes Phillies Tonight

October 7th, 2011 by Christian | Comments Off on Vegas Likes Phillies Tonight | Filed in General

Go Phils!

Good Sign: The Phillies are heavily favored to win tonight’s decing Game 5 of the NLCS by Vegas oddsmakers.  The betting line?  -175/160.

Translation: You have to lay down $175 to win $100 on the Phillies, while you only have to bet $100 to win $160 on the Cardinals.

No Guarantees: While it’s a good sign, the Yankees were favored to beat Detroit last night.

Bottom Line: Phillies must remember how to hit the baseball.  Docs needs to be Doc.  Go Phils!