Vick Blames Refs

September 25th, 2011 by Christian | Filed under General.

Throw the Ball!

After getting thumped by the Giants 29-16 and suffering a broken hand on what was a late hit, Mike Vick let loose on the refs and said he thinks doesn’t get the calls that other QBs get.  Hey Mike, get real dude,  You are as much to blame for the poor performance as anyone.  News Flash: Get rid of the ball!  You can’t hold the ball in the pocket for seven seconds because there are eleven guys out there getting paid to separate you from the ball.  Stop whining, read the defense and THROW the ball!

3 Responses to “Vick Blames Refs”

  1. Schmitty says:

    Leave it to an X Giant to set the tone by not only dropping a pass on a TD drive, but turning it into a INT to set the tone for the game! If you wanna look at it, 2 dropped passes in two weeks changed possibly a 3-0 start into 1-2, gonna be another long year under that FAT SLOB ANDY CREAM REID! Where is Cower Power? Fuck Andy Reid I am so over his give away games and bullshit post game press conferences! Go PHILLIES!

  2. Schmitty says:

    Seriously though! The FUCKING REFS let lineman “T” off on Vick because he is a runner and get away with murder! If that faggie hump in New England or that pole smoker in New Orleans was being hit like that it would be called murder! To go one step further I think 90% of the refs are white and hate blackie at QB! The NFL should be called the RNL for racist National League! LOL!