Is Vick the Next McNabb?

September 24th, 2011 by Christian | Filed under General.

Is There A Difference?

The similarities cannot be ignored.  Both are muscular, athletic quarterbacks who like to run and can throw the ball a country mile.  In his prime McNabb was considered the most exciting QB in the league. Vick is the NFL’s new Mr. Excitement.  Both also have zero Super Bowl rings. But the most alarming similarity is this – because of their athleticism, both McNabb and Vick did not have to develop the quick release and pinpoint accuracy that other quarterbacks with less mobility need to survive.  Quarterbacks like Brady, Brees, Manning and Rodgers have had to rely on their eyes and arms more than their legs.

McNabb and Vick both were able to bail themselves out by running, and now, when it gets too hot in the kitchen (the pocket), Vick’s first instinct is to hold the ball too long, and then run.

In Vick’s defense, he does not get that glassy-eyed, vomitous look in his eyes that became McNabb’s trademark.  But Vick did throw one of the stupidest interceptions I’ve ever seen last year to end the Eagles season.  And he was not the same quarterback in the second half of the year that he was in the first half.

So, the question in Philly is – as always – does Vick have what it takes to bring the Eagles their first ever Super Bowl win? Or is he another McNabb, or worse yet, Jaworski?  Time will tell.

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