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Eagles-Falcons Week 2 Preview

September 17th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Eagles-Falcons Week 2 Preview | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

The masses are talking about the return of Vick to Atlanta, but the true football fans know just how important this game is for both teams. The Falcons cannot afford to go to 0-2 and the Eagles need to prove that they are ready to prove that they are worthy of the hype that they received in the offseason. The Falcons offer the Eagles that opportunity.


This is Michael Vick’s game to prove that he can handle a high pressure situation. Most people that tune in are watching to see how Vick handles the situation in front of him. I really believe that it will take him some time to calm the adrenaline down and expect him to throw an interception early, but like I have said before there is just too much talent around him not to be successful.

LeSean McCoy will be just as solid as he was last week. Matt Forte gave the Falcons defense some fits in the screen passing game and I don’t expect anything less from Shady, especially on the turf in the Georgia Dome. I expect McCoy to top over 175 total yards.

Jeremy Maclin will be targeted early and often. He was an afterthought in the game against the Rams, but that was just because he didn’t get any action before the Eagles had to control the clock. This week it will be a much different story, he’ll top over 100 yards and will have a touchdown. Steve Smith will also be relevant this week.


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