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Home, Sweet Home

September 16th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

You knew it was going to happen, when the Eagles and Falcons both finished first in their respective divisions last year it meant that they were going to play each other this season. The game was destined to be on Sunday night, it is after all supposed to be the prime game of the schedule. This game is sold on intrigue alone.

What will the reception be like for Michael Vick? I think it will be overwhelmingly positive. Possibly to a point where is shocks the Falcons organization. What I am curious to see is the reaction if he makes a big run. What does the crowd do then? It will be as conflicted of a crowd as you will ever hear at an NFL game.

This will be the stage that Vick shows just how much has changed since his stint in Atlanta. The fans down there are going to witness a more controlled Vick, one that doesn’t always use his legs to make the plays. His arm has become just as dangerous, but it isn’t as accurate as it needs to be.

At the end of last season Vick struggled to keep the precision point accuracy that he had when he needed it the most. Last week against the Rams he was okay, but if you look at just the passing numbers they are anywhere from spectacular (14/32 187 2 TDs). It could have been just a little rust that needed to be shaken off, but I really think the dome atmosphere was a factor to the overall timing of the passing game.

Just imagine what that dome is going to be like on Sunday. The crowd may love Michael Vick, but they are going to be ferocious when the Eagles offense is going to work. Vick is going to have to keep rookie center Jason Kelce calm while the shotgun formation is being ran. That was a noticeable problem during the first half against the Rams. Kelce kept looking back at Vick making sure that he snapped the ball at the correct time because he struggled to hear Vick’s count.


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