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The Test

June 26th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on The Test | Filed in General

We know that the Phillies need to balance the lineup. The next series for the Phillies will help gauge what the front office needs to work out for the remainder of the season. The Phillies have a shot at boosting Vance Worley’s trade value with a strong outing Wednesday. With the day off it is still a possibility to have Hamels for game 3.

This series will focus more on offense than pitching. Hopefully today’s game was turning points for Ibanez and Rollins, who both busted out of slumps. I still think the Phillies need to find a way to bring in a five hole hitter and a reliever or two.


Change Is Good

June 26th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Change Is Good | Filed in General

I understand that this coming after a tough loss, so if it isn’t warranted, someone set me straight. Yet again, the Phillies could not score 3 or more runs. As we reach the half way point of the season, the Phillies haven’t scored 3 or more runs in more than HALF of their games. That is completely inexcusable. The pitching staff has carried this team, but how long can that last. What was once thought of as a strength is now an issue as we currently are relying on Worley and Kendrick to start games and Stutes and Bastardo to close them out.

Maybe a change is needed. The only movable pieces are Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino, but they are more part of the solution than the problem. Gregg Gross should be let go. Milt Thompson was fired for less. I know its a pipe dream and there is about a 2% chance he’d do it, but see if Schmidt would com out of retirement to be the hitting coach.

Maybe its also partly that the skipper has lost the team. The offense has been complacent most of the year and they are only getting worse. Maybe the Phillies front office needs to relieve Manuel of his duties and call up Ryne Sandberg. It’d be a tough decision for Amaro to make considering the two year extension Manuel signed before the season. The old saying is, “Its easier to fire the manager, than to change the roster.” Or something along those lines.